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Warner Bros Vs Warp

No description

Jessica Rabicano

on 26 May 2010

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Transcript of Warner Bros Vs Warp

British Film Comparison Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc., also known as Warner Bros. Pictures or simply Warner Bros. (the often-used Warner Brothers is incorrect) is an American producer of film and television entertainment. Warner Bros. has several subsidiary companies, including Warner Bros. Studios, Warner Bros. Pictures, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Warner Bros. Television, Warner Bros. Animation, Warner Home Video, New Line Cinema, TheWB.com, and DC Comics. Warner owns half of The CW Television Network. In 1958 the studio launched Warner Bros. Records. Initially the label released recordings made by their television stars whether they could sing or not and records based on the soundtracks of favourite Warner Bros. Television shows. Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone 2001

Budget: $125 million
Gross: $974,733,550.
Director: Chris Columbus
Main Actors: Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Emma Watson, Robbie Coltrane Richard Harris, Maggie Smith, Alan Rickman and Ian Hart.
Genre: Fantasy
also known as: Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone
Why is Harry Potter classed as a British Film?

A film qualifies as British if 70% of the production cost of the film is spent on film production activity in the UK, and the film maker is European.
Also the Actors, Location and writer are all British.
Source: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/4141130.stm
"The money behind the film may be American but the all-British cast, British locations and British source material from JK Rowling just about qualifies it as a British movie.
It may not have made much of an impression at the Oscars but it certainly did at the box office, taking more than $365m in the US alone.
The film was similarly ignored at the Baftas.
When it was released the movie also opened on 3,762 screen in the US, which was a record.
Director Chris Columbus remained faithful to the book and so avoided castigation from millions of Potter fans around the world.
Much of the film's Britishness is down to author J.K. Rowling.
She reportedly insisted that the main cast be British although Richard Harris was Irish and Zoe Wanamaker is actually a US citizen.
Steven Spielberg was reported to have been offered the director's chair first and he wanted Haley Joel Osment for the part of Harry. "
From: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/2787375.stm
Harry Potter and the Philosiphers Stone Review
from http://www.moive-gazette.com/116/harry-potter-and-the-philosiphers-stone
"This is a fine adaption of the work of JK Rowling. Although much of th detail from the books is missing due to the time constraints, the meat of the story is very much there, and fans of the book are unlikely to be disappointed. The three young stars do a workline job of acting as young wizards, and incredibly strong supporting cast bring a great deal of colour and life to the characters. Hogwarts in particular looks fabulous, and viewers of all ages will find themselves wishing they went to school there.
It's Got: Enough magic to keep everyone happy.
It Needs: To be longer in order to allow more Hogwarts life to come across- more Quiddich."
Rating: 8/10
Today people are both the publishers and audience. We watch and comment on what people have made, and we also make our own videos. Youtube is an example of Web 2.0/ We Media. Many People make their own videos (fan based) on their favourite music artist, TV series and films.
For Example, on youtube a few people have made a video containing the Harry Potter characters.
Web 2.0/ We Media Some Warner Bros films So how is a film made? Warner Bros Warp HARRY POTTER Releases
•My Wrongs #8245–8249 & 117 (Dir: Chris Morris - 2003)
•Dead Man's Shoes (Dir: Shane Meadows - 2004)
•Rubber Johnny (Dir: Chris Cunningham - 2005)
•Scummy Man (Arctic Monkeys short film/music video)
•This Is England (Dir: Shane Meadows - 2006)
•Grow Your Own (Dir: Richard Laxton - 2007)
•Dog Altogether (Dir: Paddy Considine - 2007)
•At the Apollo (Arctic Monkeys Dir: Richard Ayoade - 2008)
•"Le Donk and Scorzayzee" (Dir: Shane Meadows- 2009)
•"Four Lions" (Dir: Chris Morris- 2009)
Blue and Green Screen The principal subject is filmed or photographed against a background consisting of a single color or a relatively narrow range of colors, usually blue or green because these colors are considered to be the furthest away from skin tone. A chroma key subject must not wear clothing similar in color to the chroma key color(s) (unless intentional), because the clothing may be replaced with the background video. An example of intentional use of this is when an actor wears a blue covering over a part of his body to make it invisible in the final shot. This technique can be used to achieve an effect similar to that used in the Harry Potter films to create the effect of an invisibility cloak. The actor can also be filmed against a chroma key background and inserted into the background shot with a distortion effect in order to create a cloak that is marginally detectable. Blue is generally used for both weather maps and special effects because it is complementary to human skin tone. The use of blue is also tied to the fact that the blue emulsion layer of film has the finest crystals and thus good detail and minimal grain (in comparison to the red and green layers of the emulsion.) Localization practices are modified to take advantage of the technology, usually to make things more efficient. Co-option new practices emerge that are completly incomprehesibleto those who were fluent in the previous culture of film. IMAX Translation old practices are kept intact and imported into the new medium Vertical integration Horizontal integration Awards Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone won:
Saturn Award -Best Costumes (Judianna Makovsky)
BMI Film Music Award (John Williams)
Bogey Award in Titanium
Critics Choice Award- Best Family Film - Live Action
Artios- Best Casting for Feature Film, Comedy (Jane Jenkins and Janet Hirshenson)

Warner Bros Pictures Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment Warner Bors. Televison Warner Bros. Home Video Green screen technology has been the new wave of film special effects for almost 15 years. Green screen give off a more natural light reflection and livilier feel to the object in front of the screen and makes for smoother cut and edit process in final format blue screen was early cut and edit technology. blue screens when lit for lighting on the action in front of it always gives off a blue haze on the object in front of the screen. (See Lucas films, Star Wars: Return of the Empire Re; snow battle...very obvious in original cut) but it is very useful for cutting onto blue or space backgrounds Both are definite differences for costume and such for easy cut and editing. That's why they are almost neon in hue.

It is all a matter of choice, color contrast and professionalism in editing for the use of whatever color is needed to contrast to the object in front of the screen for optimal recording needs.
Film production occurs in five stages

Development—The script is written and drafted into a workable blueprint for a film.
Pre-production—Preparations are made for the shoot, in which cast and crew are hired, locations are selected, and sets are built.
Production—The raw elements for the finished film are recorded.
Post-Production—The film is edited; production sound (dialogue) is concurrently (but separately) edited, music tracks (and songs) are composed, performed and recorded, if a film is sought to have a score; sound effects are designed and recorded; and any other computer-graphic 'visual' effects are digitally added, all sound elements are mixed into "stems" then the stems are mixed then married to picture and the film is fully completed ("locked").
Sales and distribution—The film is screened for potential buyers (distributors), is picked up by a distributor and reaches its cinema and/or home media audience.
Warner Bros. is well known for the animation Looney Tunes Warner Bros. combined the characters and real life characters called Looney Tunes: Back in Action, by embeding them into the films afterwards. The actors would have to talk to nothing but is indicated where the characters would be. This Is England is a 2006 drama film written and directed by Shane Meadows. The story centres on young skinheads in England in 1983. The film illustrates that skinhead subculture, whose 1960s roots include elements of black culture especially ska, soul and reggae music, became adopted by white nationalists, which led to divisions within the skinhead scene.

The film was given an 18 certificate by the BBFC due to racist language and violence. Harry Potter has been translated in many languages such as it became a worldwide sucess. These are the languges that was translated to: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harry_Potter_in_translation Film Locations used in the making of the film:

Alnwick Castle, Alnwick, Northumberland, England, UK
(Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry: broomstick flying lessons)
Australia House, Strand, London, England, UK
(Gringotts Bank: interior)
Black Park, Iver Heath, Buckinghamshire, England, UK
(dark forest)
Bodleian Library, Broad Street, Oxford, Oxfordshire, England, UK
Christ Church College, St Aldate's, Oxford, Oxfordshire, England, UK
Divinity School, Bodleian Library, Broad Street, Oxford, Oxfordshire, England, UK
(Hogwarts School, sanatorium scenes)
Duke Humfrey's Library, Bodleian Library, Broad Street, Oxford, Oxfordshire, England, UK
(Hogwarts School, library scenes)
Durham Cathedral, Durham, County Durham, England, UK
Glen Nevis, Fort William, Highland, Scotland, UK
(Quidditch scenes: background landscape)
Glenfinnan Viaduct, Fort William, Highland, Scotland, UK
Gloucester Cathedral, Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England, UK
(Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry: exterior scenes)
Goathland Station, Goathland, North Yorkshire, England, UK
(Hogsmeade station)
Harrow School, Harrow, Middlesex, England, UK
King's Cross Station, King's Cross, London, England, UK
(Platform 9¾)
Lacock Abbey, Lacock, Wiltshire, England, UK
Leadenhall Market, Lime Street, Broadgate, London, England, UK
London Zoo, Regent's Park, London, England, UK
(Harry releases the snake from the Reptile House)
Pedestrian Bridge, York Station, York, North Yorkshire, England, UK
(Hagrid passes ticket for Platform 9¾ to Harry)
Pickering Station, Pickering, North Yorkshire, England, UK
Picket Post Close, Martin's Heron, Bracknell, Berkshire, England, UK
(Privet Drive, Harry's aunt and uncle's house)
St. Pancras Station, St. Pancras, London, England, UK
(exterior of King's Cross Station)
West Highland Railway Line, Scotland, UK
(Train journey to Hogwarts) Merchandise Harry Potter has become a world wide sucess. This is a photo from a Japanese Store for Harry Potter merchandise. There have been several games, one for each movie release and many more. Warp Films, a sister company of Warp Records, was set up in 1999 with funding from NESTA. It is based in Sheffield, England with a further office in London and has 14 full-time staff. They are a low budget film company which was set up in 1999 with funding from NESTA (The National Endowment for Science Technology and the Arts) Budget and Gross in the films Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone: Budget$125 million
Gross revenue$974,733,550
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets:
Budget $100 million
Gross revenue $878,643,482
Locations used Merchandise There are no merchandise from this film, whereas the big Hollywood films do (Harry Potter) Awards Reviewer's Rating 5 stars User Rating 4 stars
This Is England (2007)
Reviewed by Paul Arendt
Updated 27 April 2007 Contains very strong racist language and violence

It's hard to describe Shane Meadows' latest film without making it appear a great deal less interesting than it actually is. It's a semi-autobiographical tale of a young boy adopted by a gang of skinheads in a grey seaside town. And on that basis, This Is England sounds, in short, like typical grimesville British filmmaking - concrete, rain and misery. This couldn't be further from the truth. In fact, the film is fizzing with energy and humour, powered by brilliantly engaging performances.

Chief among these is newcomer Thomas Turgoose as Sean, a put-upon 12-year old who finds unexpected friendship with a group of local skinheads led by the sweet natured Woody (Joseph Gilgun, another stand-out performance). These skins are a far cry from the image of racist thuggery that the movement became known for in the 80s. It's all about the music, and of course the clothes - although Sean is too small for Doc Marten boots, he still gets the haircut, the plaid shirt and the braces. For a while, everything is sweet in Sean's world. He even shares his first kiss with a Boy George lookalike with the charming name of Smell.


But soon, conflict arrives in the form of Combo (Stephen Graham, also superb), an old mate of the gang whose time in prison has left him with a strong sympathy for the National Front. Combo's racist agenda splits the gang and Sean, tragically, finds himself turning to Combo as a substitute for the father he lost in the Falklands. Meadows is an exhilarating filmmaker and This Is England is his best film to date - an honest, emotional, funny and deeply moving portrait of growing up. Don't miss it.

from: http://www.bbc.co.uk/films/2007/04/23/this_is_england_2007_review.shtml Won BAFTA Film Award Best British Film
Mark Herbert
Shane Meadows
Won British Independent Film Award Best British Independent Film
Most Promising Newcomer (On Screen)
Thomas Turgoose Won Young Audience Award ("Enfants Terribles")
Shane Meadows
Won UK Film Talent Award
Mark Herbert

Won Best European Film
Shane Meadows

Young European Jury Award
Shane Meadows Won Best Director Award
Shane Meadows
Budget and Gross The intent of IMAX is to dramatically increase the resolution of the image by using a much larger film frame. To achieve this, 65 mm film stock is run horizontally through the cameras. While traditional 65 mm film has an image area that is 48.5 mm × 22.1 mm (1.91 in × 0.87 in) (for Todd-AO), in IMAX the image is 69.6 mm × 48.5 mm (2.74 in × 1.91 in) tall. In order to expose at standard film speed of 24 frames per second, three times as much film needs to move through the camera each second.
Harry Potter and the Prisoner
of Askabam:
Budget $130 million
Gross revenue $795,634,070 Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire:
Budget $150 million
Gross revenue $895,921,036
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix:
Budget $150 million
Gross revenue $938,212,738
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince:
Budget $250 million
Gross revenue $933,959,197
The film was released in the United Kingdom, United States, France, Belgium, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Sweden, Canada, Australia, Taiwan, New Zealand, India, Brazil, Spain and Mexico on 15 July 2009. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince broke the then-record for biggest midnight showings, making $22.2 million in 3,000 theatres, Budget £1,500,000
Gross revenue $8,069,240
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