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The CommonUnity

No description

Juliea Doula

on 23 September 2014

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Transcript of The CommonUnity

The CommonUnity
The CommonUnity is a space where all members of our community will be able to utilize in any manner which will most benefit them. It is designed to eliminate barriers to our dreams, removing obstacles by providing support and resources for families and individuals to find success in whatever they are trying to achieve.
Commercial Kitchen:
workshops, classes and hourly rental. We will also make in house goods to sell.
Community Garden/Permaculture
(rooftop/yard and/or Indoor) to use in house and distribute to the community as well teaching organic agriculture & sustainability.
A cafe space serving local coffee, teas and snacks which are both healthy and affordable.
Nutrition Education:
Classes, Support Groups, Individual Consultations and Sessions with local Nutritionists.

A space for workshops/classes or hourly rental.

This workshop will feature not only a creative, open environment to work in, but provide use of equipment that may otherwise be difficult for individuals to obtain
Fitness center featuring a general workout room with workout equipment and 1-2 large open rooms for fitness classes of all kinds.
Health & Wellness
Wellness center featuring many holistic healing modalities and professionals who will be able to provide valuable classes & services within the space.
Education support (access to tutors and resources).
Quiet study space with computers and a small library.
Classes & Workshops of all kinds.
This space will serve as a place for individuals to learn, study and grow - and it is also a space for entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals to use to conduct classes, consultations, create product, or rent office space while simultaneously connecting with potential clientele within the community. A win-win for all.
The Cafe will feature a stage and host concerts, movie nights, poetry readings, and anything else the people want. We want to create an atmosphere of fun and excitement. To give people some fun, affordable alternatives to having to find a baby sitter to go out to a bar.

There will also be workshops and space dedicated to self-care. A nap and meditation room, spa nights, support groups and events designed to encourage all people to make themselves a priority.
Play & Self Care
Memberships of all sizes will be available to pay on a monthly or yearly basis. Every level provides different incentives including free hours of childcare or space rental. The space can also be used on an individual visit bases, paying by the hour for use of the space or childcare. Volunteering is also encouraged where hours can be earned when needed.

Deposits will be required by those using the kitchen or art room as insurance for any damage.

The goal here is to be a living, breathing, self-sustaining example of how every community could and should be coming together and supporting each other.
The Common

The center is built around eco-family values. The goal is to provide fun and enriching classes and events for the whole family to benefit from while providing in-house childcare to parents participating in use of The CommonUnity.

Parents will not be able to leave the premises when utilizing childcare, which helps us avoid many child care facility regulations and ensures that the parents are utilizing the space.
How will it work?
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