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A guide to jellybeans

Jocelyn Wang

on 27 November 2013

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Transcript of Jellybeans

Jellybeans come in all different colors and shapes
Here is red jellybean:
It can be cherry, strawberry, fruit punch, or any other red foods that would taste good or bad as a jellybean. I <3 red jellybeans!
This is orange jellybean:
It can be orange, or carrot flavored. I do not know all the flavors. I, personally, prefer orange. It's my favorite!! :)
This is yellow jellybean:
It can be the flavor of any yellow fruit or mixture or food you can think of. An example is banana, which I don't really like.
This is green jellybean:
I'm sorry if it's a little blurry, but it is lime, or any green food flavored. Yay!! I like green, too.
This is blue jellybean:
It is a very beautiful color, and I think the flavor is blueberry. I do not know if there are any other ones. This jellybean has the color I like the most.
This is the last jellybean
It is...
Purple jellybean! Yay!
It is grape flavored. (plus more)
If you like grapes, you'll like purple jellybeans, too. I like grapes and purple jellybeans too! :)
I feel bad for the colors that are not distinct, so here are the rest. Try to figure out the flavors! Some of them are really hard. Most of them taste good. Just remeber, never ever eat a Black jellybean!!! (they taste like licorice, which is bad). Unless you like licorice!
just in case you're wondering, it says "imagine photography" on it.
Here are the alive jellybeans
they are all nice. even the purple one. He's just angry 'cause he's last.
say bye-bye, jellybeans!
the end.
By: Jocelyn Wang
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