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Shades Of Queens Fall 2013

No description

Kayy Rose

on 8 October 2013

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Transcript of Shades Of Queens Fall 2013


Fall 2013!!

What Will We Talk About?
October 9th 7pm -Meeting with Brothers Movement (BroMo)
October 20th @2pm -Pumpkin Patch and Carving
October 26th @8am-AASC LA heritage tour
November 21st @tba -Sleep over community service

Who Are These girls?
Get to know a little bit about the E- board members
Khara Newsome
Kayla Rose Allen
Destini Jackson

Providing unity and a safe place for women of all colors.
Discussing issues and comming up with solutions to better ourselves and improve our community.
Being more conscious of social issues.
Becoming more social with people on campus.
Enhancing each others college experience (having fun!!)

What Are We About ?
Self Image
Media Influence
Healthy ways to cope
Healthier lifestyles
Any other Suggested Topics from Members.

Major: Biology
Year: senior
Goal: become a doctor osoteopathic medicine and specialize in metabolic syndrome/diabetes, or do research for celiac disease

General Info
Favorite Quote
“Successful people don't have fewer problems. They have determined that nothing will stop them from going forward.”
― Ben Carson

Basic Info
Major: Kinesiology
Year: Junior
Goal : To be a physical therapist and athletic trainer for professional athletes, and have a big family.
Basic Info
Major: Sociology
Year: 4th/Senior
Goal: To graduate and be happy =)

Favorite Quotes
- "Be you. The world will adjust."

-Two things to remember in life: "Take care of your thought when you are alone", and "take care of your words when you are with people."

Basic Info
Major: Computer Science
Goal: Graduate college and get a career in my major field.
Favorite Quote
"I can do all things through christ who strengthens me"
What We Are NOT About
Gossiping- Sign the Confidentiality contract
Judging- We all have different experiences
Negativity- Try to be open and understanding to peoples opinions
Unproductivity- make every meeting meaningful
Boringness- life is too short …lets not be too serious!!
Symone Berry
Favorite Quote
"Be a bonfire when others is just a flame,
Be a memory when others is just a name."
-Little Brother
Major: Political Science
Minor: Criminal Justice
Year: Junior
Goal: To be Happy
Jordan Wilkins
Favorite Quote
"Don't let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game"
-A Cinderella Story
Basic Info
Major: Industrial Engineering
Year: Senior
Goal: Obtain an MBA in grad school
and to be an engineer for Nike or
*sorry I couldn't make it
I am at my internship =]
Jasmine Moore
Basic Info
Favorite Quote

“I tell you everything that is really nothing, and nothing of what is everything, do not be fooled by what I am saying. Please listen carefully and try to hear what I am not saying.”

Shalisa Foster
Basic Info
Major: Biology
Year: Senior
Goal: Medical School
Favorite Quote
"Be the change you want to see in the world."
What do you expect out of Shades of Queens?
What do you need or want out of shades of Queens?
Tonight's Activities
Say your Name
Life Goal
Tell us your favorite Disney movie
Self Intro
Four corners
There will be a question or statement read
Go to the corner (1,2,3or 4) you can most identify or relate your self with
About 2 minute minimum. 6 min maximum discussion depending on the question.
The questions get progressively personal
Be honest so you ladies can truly see what you have in common. (your are not alone)
The whole point of this is for us ladies to relate to eachother and talk and dont be scared to ask specifics.
This game is a warm up for the topics that we will discuss in our meetings
E- Board members must participate also

Possible Events
Support Brothers Movement Events: Clubmeetings
Movie Nights
Sister bonding - Group activities: Ice skating, Sky zone, Bowling, Movies, Nail shops, Sleep Overs
Matts run
Fashion show
Community Service
Valentine’s Day Event
Women’s retreat
Big Sister Volunteer (Shades of Princesses)

Brianna Seamster
Basic Info
Major: Liberal Studies/Spanish Minor
Year: Sophomore
Goal: To continue my faith in God, become an actress and an elementary school teacher.

Favorite Quotes
-"Two things to remember in life: "Take care of your thought when you are alone", and "take care of your words when you are with people."
-"The best way to know that you can trust somebody is to trust them" Ernest Hemingway
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