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European Union

Presentation for Children of 6th grade

Inma Hernán

on 14 May 2013

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Transcript of European Union

EUROPEAN UNION At the end of
World War II,
several European countries decided to collaborate with the aim of avoiding future wars and improving
economic development. The EU has grown a lot since it began. In 1957, The Treaty of Rome set up the Common Market. Products and people from

can move freely. In 1992, The Treaty of Maastrich was signed

and the European Union was created. *Anthem of Europe: "Ode to joy" Simphony No.9 ( Beethoven) In 2002, the countries of the eurozone started circulating the first bank notes and coins. Spain became a member in 1986. It was formed by six countries and today there are twenty-seven countries. This number may continue to grow as there are candidate countries who want to join The EU.
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