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STAR Method for Interviews

No description

Kelvin Farmer

on 15 March 2017

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Transcript of STAR Method for Interviews

Learning Goal...
Students will be able to facilitate the STAR Method for Behavioral interview questions.
Behavioral Interviews are based on events that have already happened.
Interviewers ask these behavioral questions to determine whether you've actually had the experiences that can prove if you can handle this new position.
STAR Method is a structured manner of responding by discussing the specific situation, task, action, and result that you are describing.
"S" - Situation
This is the backstory- the who, what, where, and when.
"T" - Task
What was your assigned role? How were you able to turn this situation into an opportunity?
"A" - Action
What were the steps you (not group or team) took to solve this challenge?
"R" =
Explain the tangible results of your work. What lessons did you learn?
An Assessment
...of competencies for the workplace.
Teamwork Question...
Give an example of how you worked effectively with people to accomplish an important result.
Leadership Question...
Tell me abut a time you demonstrated leadership skills.
Conflict Resolution Question...
Tell me about a recent situation in which you disagreed with a customer, co-worker, or colleague.
Analytical Thinking Question...
Give me a specific example of a time when you used good judgment and logic in solving a problem.

Recall recent situations that show favorable behaviors or actions.
Be honest.
Be specific - do not generalize several events.
Vary your examples from several related experiences.
Prepare short descriptions by writing the narrative.
Practice, Practice, Practice!
Example of the Star Method
Question: Tell me about a time you demonstrated leadership skills.
"During my last semester of school, I completed an internship at Eli Lilly in the Information Technology department. I was the first and only intern the department ever had, and they decided they wanted to continue with an official internship program."
"In order to successfully launch this program, my supervisor asked me to create and administer a training curriculum for the new, incoming interns."
"To complete this task, first, I outlined all the procedures the new interns would need to learn about the IT standards, how to operate the 10-line phone system, and how to use the health record index and storage system. Next I created a three day training agenda covering these topics. Finally, I facilitated it to the four new interns."
"The training was a huge success. On a survey completed after the training, all four interns rated the program a 10 out of 10 in the areas of usefulness and creativity. In addition, each intern rated my communication and leadership styles as "Excellent".
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