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Our Ideal School


Phaedra Eayrs

on 12 June 2013

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Transcript of Our Ideal School

adjective -
willing to consider new ideas; unprejudiced

Practical projects
Uniform Policy
Welfare Support
keys 2 students
Embed within the school.
- improve take-up of services
- support community atmosphere
- normalise support services
The rulz... Why?
1. Students must
attend school

2. Students will put on
a community event on
the second weekend

3. Teachers are there
to ensure safety and
assist if asked.
- Be open-minded about what students can learn and achieve if left to their own devices.

- Give students some agency in what they do at school.

- Give students the opportunity to show what they find important and interesting.

- Why not...?
S - Sustainable
C - Community
O - Opportunity
O - Open-minded
L - Life long learning
Class Size
"No one should have to pass anyone's test or prove anything in a research study to live and learn in the mainstream of school and community life. This is a basic right, not something one has to earn”
- Mastropieri, M., & Scruggs, T. (2004). The Inclusive Classroom: Strategies for Effective Instruction (Second Edition ed.). Ohio: Pearson: Merrill Prentice Hall.
- Multicultural and diverse population
- Safe, caring learning environment
- Aim to become socially aware and high achievers
- Creative learning, Personal Development, individual and team working
- Special focus in Science, Sport and the Performing Arts
Core and Elective Subjects
Strong community link
Teacher Organisation
Approaches to teaching and learning

35kms from CBD
1974 Satellite city

Past: 2006 35,000
Present: 2013 120,000
Future: 2021 240,000

2nd largest LGA (VIC)

22% increase in crime from 2011-2012
Juveniles enrolled at school but
not engaged
Two way learning
Teacher mentoring system
eco-friendly school design
from the ground up
from local to global
Self-sustaining businesses
recycled materials

Community driven model
Youmeus projects (local and global)
Mentoring, leadership, team
Community priorities curriculum
Linking youth with wisdom
2 way learning (out of school)
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