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Entrepreneur Project

No description

Makena Wolfrom

on 16 December 2014

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Transcript of Entrepreneur Project

Production Team
Cost for Packaging
$0.15 for 2 sponges from bulk retailer
$0.10 for a label from bulk retailer
Production Team
Finance/Pricing Team
Total Cost for One Month
Production Team
Scrubby Buddy
Samantha Senet, Makena Wolfrom, Kiernan Cottle, Francisco Bustos, Gavin Silva, William Gonzales, Sunday Yasay, Maria Tapia, Yisakor Toirssa, Devon Malloy
Finance/Pricing Team
Finance/Pricing Team
Where to Sell
Distribution Team
Distribution Team
Distribution Team
Marketing Team
Marketing Team
Marketing Team
Gavin & Willie
Kiernan & Francisco
Devon & Yisakor
Sunday & Maria
, Kiernan & Francisco
Gavin & Willie
Gavin & Willie
, Kiernan & Francisco
Devon & Yisakor
Devon & Yisakor
Sunday & Maria
Sunday & Maria
Budget: $15,000-$20,000
Budget: $10,000
Cost of a Sponge
$0.20 per sponge from online bulk retailer
$0.07 for printing for bulk retail

Production team was given original budget of $15-20 thousand
to be used for materials required and other factors of production
Marketing team was given original budget of $10 thousand
to be used for advertisement
Distribution team was given original budget of $20-25 thousand
to be used for factory, equipment, labor, and shipping

The Price for a unit will be $2.00.
A unit being two sponges in a package.
The total price to package one unit is $0.77
total profit of straight sell would be $1.23*
To sell on Amazon they charge 12% of price which would be $0.24
total profit would be $0.99* if selling through Amazon
$0.74 per sponge
produce 3,500 per month
Total cost per year
(producing 35,000 sponges)
One challenge faced for this project was that many of the group members did not contribute to this project, as such the Finance and Pricing team did not have sufficient data.
Another challenge faced was the timing of this project which coincided with a myriad of other large projects, assignments, and applications all due within the same time frame resulting in insufficient time to complete this project to perfection.
But Mostly Samantha
We would like to sell the spongy buddy on Amazon.com because it reaches a large consumer base and is easy to operate. In addition, amazon's reputable name gives our product credibility.
The only other big time smiley sponge on the market is the Scrub Daddy which sells for $8.99 on Amazon and a 6-pack for 18.93, meaning it sells for $3.155 per sponge
Our sponges are significantly less in comparison coming in at just $1.00 per sponge
But Mostly Samantha
Our factory will be located in Mexico.
By doing this, we will be able to pay our workers much less but not have to pay for overseas shipping from China.
The minimum wage in Mexico is 67.29 pesos per day, which is about $5 per day
$5000 for internet advertising and $5000 for tv advertising
*-based solely on the price of production and packaging

The Slogan
Scrubby Buddy, the sponge with a smile.
The Targets
Air shipment from where the products are being produced in Mexico to the amazon warehouse really depend on how successful our product is and how much we would end up shipping
prices for air travel are usually 4 - 5 times more expensive then road travel with a range from $1.50 - $4.50 a kilogram
road travel the better option to export this product
If our product is successful then of course we will be shipping more which will cost more to get our product were it needs to go.
Our target consumer base are people looking for company while doing chores. Our fun face will likely appeal to parents, grandparents and anyone with children at home.
Also to parents that are trying to teach their kids that cleaning can be fun as long as you have the scrubby buddy!
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