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jason venturi prezi

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Elizabeth Pino

on 9 December 2013

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Transcript of jason venturi prezi

-Father died before he was born
-He was born
-Was with his mother for a couple years in the city
-Sent out to a tribe outside of the city as a ritual
-Lived with the tribe until he was around 18
-Returned to the city to see his mother
-His mother died because of old age
-Lived with relatives
-He became a merchant
-He often prayed because times were hard because of the death of his mother
-He prayed in a cave and got visions from angel Gabriel. He told him to recite
-He lived the rest of his life spreading the word of God

Basic Terminology
Ka'Ba-a black stone building in Mecca that is shaped like a cube and that was built by Abraham
Sunnah-It is the basic teachings of the Muslim faith. It is the word and actions that Muhammad preached
Qur'an- The Muslims Holy Book
Links to other Monotheistic Religions
We are both Monotheistic religions. This means we believe in one god.
Another link as that we both believe in Jesus. However we believe in him in different ways. Christianity believes he is the Messiah. Muslims believe he is a prophet.
1. The First Pillar Shahadah (The declaration of faith)
2. The Second Pillar Salat (The daily ritual of prayer)
3. The Third Pillar Zakat (Almsgiving giving to those who need)
4. The Fourth Pillar Siyam (Is the fasting on Ramadan)
5. The Fifth Pillar Hajj (The Holy Pilgrimage)
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