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Transcript of templit

Do you
push or pull ?
For Quality of Life !
Thank u
Design Affordance
Let's guess!
Guess !
Don't you think it's
a little bit strange?
Let's see some more
like this
What is it asking me to do?
Do you feel comfortable standing the door?
This is
... ridiculous !
I'm always hesitating to push or pull without realizing it...
How about u ?
Let's to analyze this topic
human motor system
push or pull ?
push or pull ?
For more information,
read the Donald A. Norman's books. I highly recommend
'The psychology of Everyday Things"
In summary, as the properties of human
moter system has the own mobility '...thin
vertical doorhandles afford pulling, while
flat horizontal plates afford pushing...'
The interaction of a handle with
the human motor system determines its affordances. When grasping a vertical bar, the hand and arm are in a configuration from which it is easy to pull; when contacting a flat plate pushing is easier...
by William W. Gaver
by William W. Gaver
What's an affordance?
An affordance is a quality of an object, or an environment, that allows an individual to perform an action...
by wikipedia.org
The term is used in a variety of fields: perceptual psychology, cognitive psychology, environmental psychology, industrial design, human–computer interaction (HCI), interaction design and artificial intelligence...
elements for the template
white circle for making arc
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