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information age inventions

inventions from 1950's

Ashley Wagester

on 11 October 2012

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Transcript of information age inventions

1950's inventions Information age 1950's The 1950 Credit Card Invented by Edward Teller as a stronger bomb with hydrogen fuel for World War 2 The 1954 Robot The 1956 Videotape/Video recorder The 1955 Hovercraft Invented by the Soviet Union that they launched for scientific information The 1957 Satellite Invented by Robert Noyce and Jack Kilby as a small semiconductor as the heart of many electronics: computers and cell phones The 1958 Microchip Invented by Morgan Fisalt as a invention that could be used to track weather The 1960 Weather Satellite Invented by Douglas Engelbart as a invention that changed the way computers worked from specialized machinery to a useful tool anyone can use The 1964 Computer Mouse The 1952 Hydrogen Bomb Invented by George Charles Devol as a invention that took the place of humans with a financial instability Invented by Christopher Cockerell as a vehicle that would move over water surface, floating on a layer of air Invented by Charles Ginsburg as a invention that captured live images from televisions cameras The 1960 Laser Invented by Charles Towns and Arthur Schawlow as a light Amplification by the Stimulated Emission of Radiation The 1961 Human Space Travel Invented by the Soviet Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin as a invention that could be used for space travel Invented by John Biggins as a time saving device for selling goods or services without the buyer having cash in hand
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