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Gold Rush Project Outline

No description

Kate Agnew

on 2 August 2016

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Transcript of Gold Rush Project Outline

Task 2: Compare and Contrast
Looking at your chosen location compare and contrast how this place has changed since colonisation to now (now being the Goldrush). You will need to decide on how you are going to present this information in a creative way.
You may:
create a table
Illustrate the changes
Draw graphs
collate images
all of the above
or think of your own amazing way to present your information
Task 3: The Bushrangers

Unfortunately, you have been held up on your way to town where you were going to cash in your recent stockpile of gold. You have survived the traumatic adventure, but the police want you to help them create a fact file on the bushranger that has been menacing your local area.
You need to research a bushranger that lived in or near your town and find as many of the following facts about them as possible.
Create a fact file for him with the following headings and include a photo:
• Name:
• Age:
• Appearance:
• Crimes:
• Family Background:
• Has he been captured? If so, when?
• What was his sentence?
• Was he known for any famous sayings or actions?
Feel free to add anything extra that you may find interesting
When you have completed your fact file present it in an interesting way eg a Wanted Poster
Australian Colonisation
Task 5: Home Sweet Home
You have made it to the goldfield and have been here for almost 2 months. In your spare time you write a letter to your family back home. You fill them in on your experience so far. You must give insight into:

* Your daily routine
* Life on the goldfields - living conditions, food, entertainment
* Friends - different cultures you have met or had dealings with.
* Difficulties
* Strikes of luck!
* Perhaps you may mention any significant developments eg The Eureka Stockade, The Lambing Flats Riot, Ned Kelly's capture.

When presenting your letter in your project keep in mind that it should be handwritten...no computers or emails used in 1865!

design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
March, 1854
Its 1854 and Gold Fever has hit!
Boys...it's time to head to the Goldfields!

Your Task:
Imagine...you must leave your families and make a move from your home in search of Gold. You have a lot to think about before you go and a lot to do when you arrive in Victoria.
Your task is to create poster that will act as a 'plan' for your trip to the Goldfields. You may like to take on the role of a character or culture such as an Irish or Chinese digger.
Your plan must include a variety of aspects that will get you prepared for tough work on the goldfields...who knows with the right plan you might just strike it rich!!!

Each student is expected to create a plan for their trip to the Goldfields using a poster size piece of cardboard. Students will work on this project over a period of five weeks and will present their poster to the class once completed. Students must complete all tasks listed outlined in this prezi and present them on their poster in a creative and aesthetically pleasing way.


Task 1: Take a Trip!

You are a digger about to head to the Goldfields. You have a lot of think about. First you must decide which goldfield you will try your luck at...be careful when choosing! Some Goldfields were known for having little Gold and others had a wealth of Gold.

On your plan (project) choose a goldfield that you are going to try your luck at.
Use the following website 'Interactive Gold map' to choose a goldfield.
On your plan you must include the following about your choice of goldfield:
* Title
* Map
* Why you have chosen to move to this location
* Brief history of Gold at this location
* How you are going to get there from your hometown, how long this will take etc
Go to Victoria! There you'll find

It wasn't such an easy task for most of those who had gold fever. Life was
and constantly changing. The journey seemed to never end, and the disappointment was huge. Those searching for gold quickly discovered that it wasn't an easy job, but they persevered to be the one to strike it rich. Some miners felt the joy of finding gold, but many were discouraged by the emptiness they felt from not discovering gold.
The activities set aside for your project will allow you to put your knowledge of early Australia to the test. There will be activities that challenge you and ones that are just plain FUN! You will discover how life really was during this time in history, and you will be able to put yourself in the digger's shoes.
Task 4: Picture Perfect!

You're on the goldfields and an artist has asked if he can paint a picture of you whilst your mining or living. You task is to draw/paint what you think the artist would have painted. You will need to do some research to get an idea of the different types of landscapes, colours and surroundings.

Must consider:
* The landscape
* What the diggers look like
* mining tools around the area
* living conditions - are there camps around the area?
* features of the land surrounding the goldfields

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