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Mallorie Henke

Getting cut off a sport's team

Mallorie Henke

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of Mallorie Henke

Getting Cut Off A Sport's Team Opposition: I am against getting cut off a sport's team. Sports teams are for having a good time while improving skills at the same time. 3 Points of Opposition:
A team is not going to do well if we have people with no skills on the team.
If a child is not good at the sport getting cut will be best to prevent getting made fun of.
A child may end up sitting on the bench while the more skilled players play. Points for my argument:
To prevent from being obese a child needs all the physical activity the can get.
It helps plan lifetime fiteness goals so they will be healthy adults and good role models.
Being on a sports team allows room for improvement.
Try-outs may be nerve racking not allowing them to perform their best.
It gives kids or teenagers the oppurtunity to make life long friends.
It will give the child the self-confidence and all that could be needed to make friends.
It is the most curcial time for kids becuase they are finding who they are.
If a child has tryed out for a sport and got cut it is likeley that they will never try out again.
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