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The Whipping Boy Book Report

No description

Liam Fleming

on 19 November 2013

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Transcript of The Whipping Boy Book Report

The Whipping Boy Book Report
Characters (Main)
Prince Brat
Jemmy, the Whipping Boy
Cutwater, a cutthroat
Hold-Your-Nose Billy, a cutthroat
Captain Nips
Main Events Beginning
Main Events Middle (Part 1)
Main Events Middle (Part 2)
Jemmy and Prince Brat meet a girl named Betsy with a dancing bear named Petunia as they wander through the forest.
Jemmy and Prince Brat encounter soldiers that are looking for Prince Brat, so Jemmy and the prince snuck past them.
Jemmy and Prince Brat agreed that Jemmy can separate from Prince Brat any time.
Jemmy collects driftwood to sell as fire wood for food with Prince Brat.
Jemmy finds a battered bird cage.
Jemmy comes across a stagecoach that had a sign on it that said Capt. Harry Nips HOT-POTATO MAN.
Jemmy helps Captain Nips and earns himself a ride to the fair.
When the stagecoach was moving Jemmy looked back at Prince Brat and realized he was helpless, so Jemmy and Captain Nips let him aboard.
The drive was interrupted by the two cutthroats who were looking for Jemmy and Prince Brat.
Jemmy hid in a teapot because the cutthroats thought he was the prince, not Prince Brat.
Jemmy was found and him and Prince Brat were captured.
Hold-Your-Nose Billy told Prince Brat and Jemmy that Betsy told him she saw two boys (Prince Brat and Jemmy) go by.
Hold-Your-Nose Billy started whipping Prince Brat (They think Prince Brat is the whipping boy).
Betsy and Petunia came and saw that Prince Brat was being whipped by the cutthroats and told Petunia to go get them.
Petunia scared off the cutthroats.
The stagecoach was knocked over due to the cutthroats, so Petunia helped lift the stagecoach up,
Betsy, Petunia, Captain Nips, Prince Brat, and Jemmy arrive at the fair.
Prince Brat starts to do things himself by helping with the potatoes. He said he's never been allowed to hold anything in his life and he laughed for the first time Jemmy heard.
Jemmy meets his old friend, Smudge, and Prince Brat shakes his hand (Nobody is allowed to touch the prince, not even his own father!),
Prince Brat and Jemmy go get milk and the milk lady started to talk to them about how much trouble she's heard Prince Brat has been. Prince Brat learns his street name. Prince Brat also learns everybody hates him.
Jemmy listens news seller say that the prince has been sold to gypsies and that Jemmy is held responsible. There is a reward for capturing him.
Jemmy started to walk away towards the river, but Prince Brat follows.
Jemmy gets mad with Prince Brat for following, but Prince Brat stops him and pointed at the two cutthroats, Hold-Your-Nose Billy and Cutwater, who noticed them.
Jemmy jumped into the sewers and told Prince brat to come down but he was afraid of the dark. Jemmy got Prince Brat in and Prince Brat started to call Jemmy Jemmy for once. Not Jemmy-From-The-Streets or boy. The cutthroats jumped in too.
Prince Brat said he wished he was like Jemmy because Jemmy is not afraid of anything.
Jemmy and Prince Brat came across another one of Jemmy's old friends, Ol' Johnny Tosher, who said he heard that Jemmy was Prince Brat's whipping boy.
Hold-Your-Nose Billy and Cutwater overheard this and now they know who was who. They also realized the whipped the prince which is worse than common murder.
Ol' Johnny Tosher dropped the candle into the sewer water and the lights went out.
The cutthroats continued the chase with Prince Brat and Jemmy.
Cutwater grabbed Ol' Johnny Tosher.
Johnny led the cutthroats the wrong way
The two cutthroats were covered in sewer rats.

The Whipping Boy is about a young prince which as known as Prince Brat and his whipping boy, Jemmy, running away from the castle. They at first are bad friends and are forced to be together, but their bond grows in their perilous adventure.
Prince Brat pulls a prank on all the kings dinner guests
Jemmy gets whipped for Prince Brat's actions and doesn't yelp and bellow
Prince Brat gets mad and yells at Jemmy to yelp and bellow next time
Jemmy is eager when learning to read and write
Prince Brat is bad at learning reading and writing
The Prince decides he wants to escape and brings along Jemmy into his adventure
Jemmy and Prince Brat escape
Jemmy and Prince Brat start adventuring with a wicker basket full of supplies, including Prince Brat's crown, and a horse.
Jemmy and Prince Brat get captured by the two cutthroats, Hold-Your-Nose Billy and Cutwater
The two are held hostage in the cutthroats' cabin
The cutthroats find out that Prince Brat and Jemmy are royalty due to the castle's crest on the horse's saddle and the Prince Brat's crown in the wicker basket
The cutthroats think Jemmy is actually the prince due to his ability to read and write
Jemmy writes a ransom note with a trick in it
Hold-Your-Nose Billy embarks with the horse to deliver the ransom note
Jemmy develops an escape plan
Jemmy escapes the cabin, but Prince Brat betrayed him and was chased by Cutwater, due to the event of Hold-Your-Nose Billy leaving
Jemmy tricks Cutwater by making him follow a bear instead of him
Prince Brat and Jemmy escape
Prince Brat ordered Betsy and Captain Nips to turn Jemmy in.
They talked to the king.
Petunia became the official dancing bear.
Betsy and Captain Nips split the reward.
Jemmy doesn't get whipped because Prince Brat told his father that Jemmy helped him and guided him through his adventures.
The King said next time Jemmy and Prince Brat go an adventure, bring him along!
Secondary Characters
The King
Ol' Johnny Tosher
The Milk Lady
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