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Educational Glogster

No description

Melissa Zahn

on 14 April 2010

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Transcript of Educational Glogster

What is Glogster?

An interactive teaching tool in which you can integrate all subjects areas!

*It is essentially like a blog with many more options and it is made student friendly. This is the login page What can I do with Glogster?
*personal portfolios
*book reviews
*biographical projects
*create a timeline
*and much, much more!
Here is where you can edit your page Editing your page you can...
*change the background
*add text
*upload an image
*add sound
*upload a document such as word
*pick a graphic
*post a link Benefits to Glogs...
*provides students with a way to learn interactively
*able to assess students in a different way
*lends easily to differentiation of assignments
*allows for creativity
Drawbacks to Glogs...
*students may spend more time on details than content
*be aware that glogster is different than educational glogster
*lack of resources or time to create a quality glog Safety!
*Educational glogster is safer than the original
*inappropriate graphics removed
*Security for teacher registration procedures
*All glogs safeguarded for privacy Resources
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