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Shanghai United International School

No description

Matthew Bristow

on 5 May 2014

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Transcript of Shanghai United International School

“The hallmarks of a good international school within the declared XIEHE ethos of East meets West”.
1. Professional leadership.
2. Shared vision and goals.
3. A learning environment.
4. The focus on teaching and learning.
5. Purposeful teaching.
6. High expectations.
7. Positive reinforcement.
8. Monitoring progress.
9. Pupil rights and responsibilities.
10. Home / School partnership.
11. A learning organization.
1. Strong and professional administrators and teachers.
2. A broad curriculum available to all students.
3. A philosophy that says all children can learn if taught, coupled with high expectations for all students.
4. A school climate that is condusive to learning. A good school is safe, clean, caring and well organized.
5. An ongoing assessment system that supports good teaching.
6. A high level of parent and community involvement and support.
1. Attitude of the Office Staff.
2. Attitude of the principal.
3. Mix of new and veteran teachers.
4. Student-centered attitude with core values.
5. Mentoring program.
6. Departmental politics kept to a minimum.
7. Faculty is empowered and involved.
8. Teamwork amongst the staff.
9. Communication is honest and frequent.
10. Parental involvement.
1. Transferability of students’ education across international schools.
2. A transient population.
3. Multinational and multilingual student body.
4. An international curriculum.
5. International accreditation.
6. A transient and multinational teacher population.
7. Non-selective student enrollment.
8. Usually English or Bi-lingual as the language of instruction.

My hallmarks of
Good International School

Active Stakeholder &
Multinational &

An Accredited
International Curriculum

Focused on Teaching
& Learning
Shared Vision
& Goals

Quarry Bay School, Hong Kong
House International School, Singapore
Nanchang International School, China
My Leadership Positions in Asia
Examples of definitions of Good International Schools
Pam Sammons
University of London
The Center Of Research And Excellence
Melisa Kelly
Secondary Education
IASL Criteria for International Schools
Multinational &
An Accredited
International Curriculum
Focused on Teaching
& Learning
Shared Vision & Goals
Active Stakeholder &
Community Involvement
The PYP Exhibition
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