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Reading Horizons Presentation - Combo

Reading Horizons Sales Presentation Combo

Reading Horizons

on 25 April 2013

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Transcript of Reading Horizons Presentation - Combo

} aw x au ch sh wh th th

ph gn kn ck wr imag ne Well, can your teachers answer these questions? 1. What two consonants almost never end an English

2. What consonants at the end of a one-syllable, short
vowel sound, will usually double?

3. What are the sounds 'y' can make within a word?

4. Can you explain why cat begins with c and kitten
begins with k? k two consonants sounds 'y' c Nice Video... So What? Upgrade Your Reading Culture Results Easy Affordable Easy to Teach
No Papers to Correct
Minimal Prep Time Easy No Minimal The Perfect Marriage Professional Development Computer Software Direct Instruction "As a principal, it makes me feel good because teachers are happy, children are happy, and we are having success." - Deon Goshorn, Principal one-syllable usually double cat We're guessing...probably not : ) well... STANDARD Scripted
Easy to Use
Non-consumable Instructional
Zero-Level to
High-School Level
Affordable Fast
Affordable Professional
Development Average of two grade gains in 50 hours - or your money back! money back! two grade gains Free Customer Support
No Hidden Fees
Two-Year Money Back Guarantee
Non-consumable Direct
Instruction Material Every Teacher Speaking the Same Language } METHOD RESOURCES IMPLEMENT Direct Instruction Computer Software Discovery Reading Horizons Teacher Training Online Workshop Great. But how will this work with my current material? Supplement The Perfect K-3 4th - 12th Grade Overall, teachers reported a very positive attitude about
their professional development experience for all three years of the study. Additionally, teachers took an exceedingly optimistic position about key program strategies. The evaluator expressed outcomes as “incredible” and “rewarding.” Of the progress made, the evaluator said that “there was two-to-three years’ progress in four weeks.” The evaluator said that the gains were significant, because they happened “over and over” with students in her classroom. Granite High School Iron Springs Elementary "The design of the program enables teachers to strengthen their understanding of the underlying phonetic structure of our language. Instruction is explicit, systematic and built cumulatively, progressing from simple skills to more complex."

-Florida Center for Reading Research review of Discover Intensive Phonics SUCCESS SUCCESS Research _______________________________ Testimonials _______________________________ Tim East, Principal Stacy Hurst, Reading Specialist Ron Ray, Principal Matt, Student Larry McCall, Student JoAnne Pinsonneault, ABE Instructor Elementary Secondary Adult Grade Levels 5.54 9.05 3.5 Grade Level Increase By institution, the gains made by the inmates ranged from -0.6 to 4.3 grades. On average, inmates for whom both pre- and post-test scores are available exhibit a 2.1 grade gain. Overall, student progress was remarkable. California Dept. of Corrections 3.5 Grade Level Increase 2.1 Grade Level Increase 7.3 Temple University The instructors found the multi-sensory teaching method engaged students in a way that helped them use their individual learning styles. Students were able to learn independently using Reading Horizons courseware, and the Mastery, Drill, and Practice section of the software helped to internalize the decoding skills. The instructors enjoyed using direct instruction to help the students become participants which, in turn, improved the students’ confidence and independence. 3.5 Grade Level Increase 9.05 2.71 Grade Levels 2.36 Grade Level Increase 5.07 5.2 So is it just computer software? What role do I play? ESL Application Reading Horizons produces significant gains for ESL students by improving their reading, writing, spelling, and pronunciation skills. Direct Instruction Materials Reading Horizons Discovery Additional Product Videos Lesson Vocabulary Library Pronunciation Tool Administration Lesson Games Administration Correlates with Basal Curriculum
Enhances Basic Literacy Instruction
Accelerates Reading Process
Improves Spelling Instruction
Perfect in All Three Tiers of the RTI Model REMEDIATION Integrates with any Reading Material Designed for Older Students
Produces 2-5 Grade Levels of Improvements in 40-60 Hours
Allows for Individual Work Designed for Older Students What Concerns Can I Resolve For You? Additional Resources Explain why this word is marked this way... The Florida Center for Reading Research reported Strengths of Discover Intensive Phonics for Yourself: The design of the program enables teachers to strengthen their understanding of the underlying phonetic structure of our language.
Instruction is explicit, systematic, and builds cumulatively, progressing from simpler skills to more complex.
Instruction is highly interactive and multi-sensory, which can increase student motivation and time on task.
Materials are organized, highly detailed, and teacher friendly. Weaknesses of Discover Intensive Phonics for Yourself: None were noted. Phonemic Awareness Both classroom and computer lessons teach: How is Discover Intensive Phonics Used
as a Reading Response to Intervention? Decoding Strategies
for ESL Reading Writing Spelling Pronunciation
Skills ESL Accommodations for
Reading Horizons Foreign Language Narrations

Pronunciation Guides

Vocabulary Translations

Direct Instruction Teaching Tips

English Language Workbook "After this workshop, I feel able to explicitly
teach phonetic skills. In most teacher
preparation courses or in-service sessions,
how to teach phonics is not covered. I'm very
anxious to begin using this new knowledge." Dr. Neil Anderson
English Language Center Coordinator
Brigham Young University Phonetic Skill #1 One guardian consonant makes the vowel short. bed x * ˘ Phonetic Skill #2 Two guardian consonants make the vowel short. jump x * ˘ Phonetic Skill #3 When a vowel stands alone, it is long. me x ˉ Phonetic Skill #4 When a word ends in a silent e, the vowel is long. smile x ˉ Phonetic Skill #5 When two vowels are adjacent, the second is silent and the first is long. boat x ˉ * sun x Let's prove this word. First, mark the vowel with an x. sun x * Then, mark the guardian consonant. sun x * ˘ Finally, mark the vowel short. hand x Let's prove this word. First, mark the vowel with an x. hand x * Then, mark the guardian consonants. hand x * ˘ Finally, mark the vowel short. * * go x Let's prove this word. First, mark the vowel with an x. go x Then, mark the vowel long. ˉ x plane Let's prove this word. First, mark the blend with an arc. plane x Then, mark the vowels with an x. x plane x Then, mark the e silent. x plane x Finally, mark the vowel long. ˉ x x treat Let's prove this word. First, mark the blend and the vowels. x x treat Then, mark the second vowel silent. x x treat Finally, mark the first vowel long. x x ˉ a - b f d g
e - h j l m
o - n p r s
u - t v w x y
i - q z c k The Alphabet is introduced
in 5 Letter Groups ba The Slide Helps students slide sounds together and develop fluency L - bl cl fl gl pl sl
R - br cr dr fr gr pr tr
S - sc sk sl sm sn sp st sw
w - dw tw Blends Two or three consonants that stand together, each keeping their own sounds when pronounced Decoding Skill #1 If one guardian consonant follows the working vowel, it will move on to the next syllable. "One must run." motel x ˉ provide x Let's prove this word. First, mark the blend and the vowels. ˘ x x x provide x One must run, so box the first syllable. x x provide x The vowel stands alone, so mark it long. ˉ x x provide x Next, mark the e silent and the i long. ˉ x x ˉ provide x Finally, box the last syllable. ˉ x x ˉ Decoding Skill #2 If two guardian consonants follow the vowel, the consonants split. "Two will split." campus x ˘ extreme x Let's prove this word. First, mark underneath the word, left to right. ˘ x x x extreme x Two will split, so box the first syllable. x x extreme x Next, mark the vowel short. x x ˘ extreme x Then, mark the last e silent and the second vowel long. x x ˉ ˘ extreme x Finally, box the last syllable. x x ˉ ˘ | Murmur Diphthongs Digraphs Special Vowel Sounds x ou oi x x ow oy x x oo x oo x book zoo ar x or x er x ir x ur { /er/ Natalie Anderson, Elementary School Teacher Cathy Jordan, High School Teacher
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