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Appearance VS Reality - Current Events

No description

Ahmad A.H.

on 15 January 2014

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Transcript of Appearance VS Reality - Current Events

Appearance VS Reality - Current Events
Fox News
The belief that "The U.S. has found Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq" was held by 33% of Fox viewers
The use of certain words can hide the full truth

: The act or an example of substituting a mild, indirect, or vague term for one considered harsh, blunt, or offensive.
World's Largest Beauty Brands
Olay - $11.8 billion

Avon - $7.9 billion

L'Oréal - $7.7 billion

Neutrogena - $6.2 billion

Nivea - $5.6 billion
Jian Feng Story
filed a lawsuit against his wife in May after she gave birth to the couple’s daughter

Accused her of having an affair until she confessed

DNA tests proved that it was his daughter

Won the case

Payed $120,000
The Media
What do
George Carlin - Euphemisms
Make up & Beauty Prodcuts
"Look on beauty, And you shall see 'tis purchas'd by the weight.." (3.2.88-89)
"...what plea so tainted and corrupt But, being season'd with a gracius voice, Obscures the show of evil.." (3.2.75-77)
Introduction: Video
Operation Iraqi "Freedom"

2.8 milion people displaced

0 Nuclear Weapons of Mass Destruction found
compared to...
23% of CBS viewers
19% for ABC
20% for NBC
20% for CNN
11% for NPR/PBS.
35% of Fox viewers also believed that "the majority of people [in the world] favor the U.S. having gone to war" with Iraq
801 million dollars spent on cosmetics in 2010 in Canada

$144 spent on average by 18+ women

$38 billion spent in the US in 2011

$2.3 billion spent globally in January 2012
In 2012, these companies were worth...
“I married my wife out of love, but as soon as we had our first daughter, we began having marital issues. Our daughter was incredibly ugly, to the point where it horrified me.”
Photo Manipulation
Camera angles
"...Which therein works a miracle in nature, Making them lightest that wear most of it..." (3.2.90-91)
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