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No description

dalton smith

on 27 September 2013

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Transcript of FIREFIGHTER

Dalton smith
Hi my name is Dalton Smith and I'll be explaining about my career and what i need to achieve it.
to be a fire fighter you really only need a high school diploma but its recommended and helpful to your job if you get college teaching for 2-4 years with a degree of fire science and emergency medical certification.

salary and promotions:
life style:
the life style of a fire fighter is a tough one. you have to stay in the fire house with many other fire fighters over nights most of the time. you have to be ready to go, all the time even in the middle of the night. you have to deal with death, blood, and wounds. but while you are at the fire house you just get to hang around and do what you want.
for experience its recommended that you have on job related to the dangers of a fire fighter and internship is required for a semester. other wise you don't need that much experience.
for a fire fighter the salary all depends which area you work in, if your work in a small town you get less money but if you work in a big town you make a lot more money the pay goes to 20,000 to 40,000 a year. the promotion for a fire fighter is to be fire chief were you look after the squad you command. which that salsry can get to 110,000 a year.
the career cluster that falls on being a fire fighter is the business of government and public administration. Related careers are police men, soldier, bounty hunnter, bomb specialists, or environmental guard.
Related jobs and career cluster:
Experience needed:
all firefighters need to have a good understanding of science of the fire and all the ways a fire can erupt and were it can start. you also need athletic ability and experience with things like battery rams, axes, fire extinguishers, fire suits, fire trucks, hoses, ladders, and the jaws off life.
Ability needed:
why a fire fighter?
the reason i want to have a profession as a fire fighter is because i like to help people in need and i like to work with my bare hands and i think it would be a good fit for me.
there are a couple benefits for a fire fighter but once agian it all depends on which city you work in and maintain. but most of them get medical and dental coverage for them and there family they also
there are mental
benefits of trust.

The demand for firefighters have gone up and are expected to grow faster than average for all jobs. The problem is candidates are expected to face keen competition, because the positions are very attractive and sought after, but we are here to provide you with tips and information that will
set you apart from the
rest. Currently it is
estimated that there
is 15,280 annual job
openings for
firefighters in the
united states and
could very well rise.
thank you for watching and i hoped you learned a little about my career and me
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