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Boulevard VEG Final Report

This is our final report/presentation for our Boulevard Vancouver Edible Gardens project, a vegetable gardening initiative funded by the Greenest City Neighbourhood Small Grants Program. Enjoy!

Boulevard VEG

on 31 December 2012

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Transcript of Boulevard VEG Final Report

Boulevard VEG! The main ideas of the project Goals: Goal #1: Grow vegetables Carrots, spinach, kale, potatoes, tomatoes, peas, beans and more! Goal #2: Bring neighbours together Goal #3: Teach participants how to grow vegetables Goal #4: Prove that growing food locally is easy Goal #6: Have fun!!!! Goal #5: Green the streets Bi-monthly newsletters with planting tips! Visible to community! Everyone can witness how easy it is to grow vegetables on the boulevards. Meet through gardening; share stories through gardening! A variety of beautiful and colourful plants! Youth leaders, participants and members of the community! Boulevard Vancouver Edible Gardens: A vegetable gardening initiative Step 1: Build and assemble 28 planter boxes Step 2: Create a website and email address Step 4: Receive Orders! Step 3: Advertise Step 5: Deliver Boxes throughout Vancouver. Steps: How we achieved our goals Measure, saw, drill, screw and sand! Info, history, planting tips, photos, online ordering system and more! Step 6: Newsletters Fliers (in community centres, libraries, mailboxes), emails and signs on boxes Online ordering system for $5 planter boxes, seeds and seedlings! More orders than boxes available! 28 boxes at 14 houses Pictures, updates, recipes and planting tips! Results Media Statistics Fliers Blogs Social Media How they
found out... 5 youth organizers 42 mailing
list members 28 boxes
14 houses Us Participants Benefits Vancouver's Greenest City Initiative Facebook Post TWEETS Tumblr Pictures Feedback Quotes Quotes Participants "The modest size has proven to be successful... It provides the opportunity for neighbours to get to know each other and exchange gardening advice... this provides another kind of security for the neighbourhood." "I now have an instant vegetable garden in a space that was previously occupied by a few decorative plants. Thank you Boulevard Veg!" Quotes "We have our boxes planted and I have seen a few people reading the plaque to see what they are all about." "I think this is an amazing initiative and would happy to provide any additional info/photos/feedback that you might need for your report. I look forward to reading your newsletter." "It was really awesome to have such a beautiful planter box, dropped right at our door no less!" "It's a great program, and I'm so glad to hear it's getting the recognition and interest it deserves." "We planted tomatoes and herbs and black-eyed-susan's. We harvested about
2 pounds of tomatoes, which was quite good given the late planting!" "I am planning to plant some holiday plants in the next week. The only
issue we have had is water coming out the sides when we were watering.
I think I will put a liner in them if I replant them for next spring." "We have made a nice salad with the lettuce and I used the parsely for my morning green juice. I really appreciate how they look in my front patio." "Right now, I am growing lettuce, spinach, parsley, beets and snap peas. I am having a little trouble with the bugs eating at some of the leaves, so any tips are greatly appreciated." Plants Delivery and Boxes {Learned communication, leadership, teamwork and organizational skills} {Learned building process: sawing, drilling, measuring} {Had fun!!!} {Were provided with an easy way to grow plants} {Became more involved in their community} {Learned how to grow vegetables} Effect on Vancouver community {Introduced more plants} {Encouraged more vegetable gardening in the city} {Beautified the streets} {Able to make a difference despite our young age} {Showed how easy it is to grow vegetables in the city} {Became more involved in the community} Thanks to Vancouver Foundation's Greenest City Neighbourhood Small Grants Program! By: Michelle Marcus, Kristine Ho, Lynn Zhang, Jenny Lee and Cathy Ye {Raised awareness about locally grown food}
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