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Anne Gomez

on 6 December 2013

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Transcript of SM

Brief History
Company Profile
Fifty years in the retail industry and over two decades in the shopping center business – the SM Group of companies stands today as an institution, a by word, a store, a mall, a bank, a home, a resort, a hotel and business colleagues, a place to see new things, a wholesome experience for the family.

Alongside the other core business areas of the SM Group, Shopping Center Operations is one field of expertise. Generally referred to as SM Supermalls, the company has become the Philippines’ retail and mall giant because of its one stop shopping concept. With more than thirty malls in the Philippines and abroad, SM Supermalls has become an engine for the economic growth. Wherever we go, new jobs are created. Careers are given a jumpstart, small businesses grow, real estate values go up, and we see an immediate acceleration of retail activity in the area. With such exceptional performance, SM Supermalls will continue its expansion with three to five malls each year for the next five years. Apart from local development, the company is also looking at growth opportunities in international locations.

The phenomenal growth of SM Supermalls over the decades is attributed not only to the guiding vision and inspiring courage of Mr. Henry Sy, Sr., but also to our thousands of human assets who have incessantly delivered high performance and value-added services to our business operations and to the communities where we are located. Throughout the years, we are proud to have employed the best and most talented individuals that make up our winning teams.

As we continue to journey and remain steadfast in fulfilling our vision of growth while creating the most value in the most innovative way we can, we invite you to explore possible career opportunities with us.
Product and Services
The SM Store
Did you know that SM originally standed for "Sy-Mendiola" when Henry Sy started the business.
The BIG shift
From a simple shoe store, SM expanded into a full department store; hence, SM Quiapo Echague (now known as Carlo Palanca St.), SM Makati, and SM Cubao were built.

The first branch that was built outside of Metro Manila was SM Delgado in Iloilo.
The Supermarket
- SM diversified into the supermarket and appliance business.
- Late 1985, they opened a shopping mall known as SM City North Edsa.
"Brand New Name"
From "SM Department Store", some new existing malls adapted the new name "The SM Store".
International Expansion
There are three established supermalls in China namely: SM City Xiamen, SM City Jinjiang, and SM City Chengdu.
October, 1958
- SM started from a small shoe store in downtown Manila which was founded by Mr. Henry Sy, Sr.
- It then expanded when it opened a branch in Makati (1963) and in Cubao (1967).
For over 5 decades, SM has become an institution and a household name.
Shopping Center Operations is one of it's field of expertise.
Without the service and help of the employees, the SM company would never be where it is now.
SM Supermarket
SM Supermarket is the food retail arm of SM investments. It operates 33 supermarkets and 70 savemore branches across the country.
The SM Department store is the very foundation of SM. It is a retail center where various brands of fashion, footwear, bags, toys, gadgets and other types of products can be found.
SM Development Corporation (SMDC)
is a real estate firm and subsidiary of SM Investments Corporation. It is one of the fastest growing real estate companies in the Philippines that is engaged in condominium development.
it is the food retail arm of SM. Currently there are 33 supermarkets and 70 savemore branches around the country.
SWOT Analysis
Well established name
Diversified products
Focus or Leadership strategy
Needs a great sum of capital
High maintenance cost
First-mover strategy
Other competitors in the same industry. (e.g. Robinson's place, Ayala Malls)
Before the Ayalas and Sys became competitors in land banking, they were partners first.
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