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taylor schemahorn

on 30 August 2013

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Transcript of Seychelles

Denis Island
: Mesopotamia
By: Taylor Schemahorn
Yulisa Garcia
Caine Trimlett
Ismael Cisneros
Plant any crops available and use animals for help (trample; spread seeds).
Plant large quantities.
Boil water/collect rain and create irrigation system with hollow logs/sticks.
Occupational Specialization
Use the creation of the arch and dome to create homes, other buildings.
Sun dry mud and create bricks to use in the construction of homes, buildings, etc.
Complex Religion
Freedom of religion
Each religion form a group and create churches, temples, etc.
Complex Institutions
Four leaders as a group.
The other twenty one will vote on decisions
Votes go to leader group and they decide
Writing and Communication
Denis Island: Seychelles
In the Indian Ocean. North of Mahè; northern edge of the Seychelles bank.
Humid tropical climate. Temperatures vary with elevation.
Moutainous; coconut forests; over 2,000 species.
No fresh water sources
Hydropower, fish
Volcano, cyclones
Located around Iran and Iraq
Rich, fertile soil (good for agriculture), advanced in irrigation through the Euphrates and Tigris Rivers, let animals loose to trample seeds,stone hoes; metal plows, grew grain, fruit, vegetables, and raised animals.
Cities surrounded by walls, built from sun-dried mud bricks, invented the arch and dome; built some of the largest brick buildings in the world
Polytheistic - believe in many gods, gods/goddesses owned cities, wealth devoted to building temples, houses for priests, priests considered agents of the gods
Ruled by kings and queens, peasants, priests/priestesses, kings and queens, sumerians created institution of kingship
Created cuneiform - wedge shaped system of writing, used mud tablets like books, Becoming a scribe meant becoming a leader, writing very important; lead to "The Epic of Gilamesh."
Agricultural Surplus
The Five Major Pillars of Civilization
Agricultural Surplus

Occupational Specialization

Complex Religion

Complex Institutions


Freedom of communication (any language).
Make mud tablets like the Mesopotamians, write with sticks, then let them dry in the sun
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