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Chapter 18 Biarritz Vacation and Romance with Nelly Boustead

slides fro Rizal10

patricia parilla

on 6 September 2012

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Transcript of Chapter 18 Biarritz Vacation and Romance with Nelly Boustead

Chapter 18 Biarritz Vacation and Romance with Nelly Boustead Rizal arrived in Biarritz on February 1891
Stayed in the residence of the Boustead
In February 11, 1891 he wrote a letter to Mariano Ponce. On March 29, 1891 , the eve of his departure from Biarritz, he finished the manuscript of his first novel, El Filibusterismo and He wrote a letter to Blumentrit. El Filibusterismo Finished in Biarritz Rizal described Nellie as a real Filipina, highly intelligent, vivacious in temperament, and morally upright.
His friend like M.H. del Pilar teased him.
A letter from his friends came to answer his letters about there opinion to Rizal's letter.
They didn't get married because of two thing:
1). Rizal doesn't want to be converted to a protestant.
2). Nellie's mother was against the wedding. Romance with Nellie Boustead He departed from Biarritz on March 30, 1891 by train
he stayed with his friend Valentin Ventura.
By the middle of April 1891 he was back yo Brussels
He was happily greeted by his landladies To Paris Back to Brussles Retirement of Propaganda Movements Since January,1891 he abdicated his leadership in Madrid.
Rizal wanted to expand his knowledge about being an ophthalmologist.
May 1, 1891 he notified the Propaganda authorities in Manila to cancel his allowance.
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