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Mindless Behavior Valentine's girl Lyrics

No description

Khamisa J

on 10 December 2012

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Transcript of Mindless Behavior Valentine's girl Lyrics

Mindless Behavior Valentine's girl ayo Roc Tell her how you feel man Look, Aye girl Every time I see you I lose my mind It's why I behave mindless all the time Yeah you fine, girl you're mine, right? Doctor view, how you do Keep me up at night Where you stay, what's your favorite food What do you like to do girl, I wanna get to know you Somehow, someway, sometime, someday Matter fact, let's start today She doesn't even notice me But I knew deep down in my heart This is where she's supposed to be And I swear that I won't stop That imma be her's for sure I'm gonna let her know I'll buy a box full of chocolates for you girl For you girl, for you I got some roses and a love letter That says I adore you And it says: Will you be my valentine's girl? Valentine's girl Will you be?? I just wanna know you If only you could see things like I do Cause you stay in my dreams And I will be yours for sure I had to let you know RAY RAY! I ain't tryin' to act like I'm ready for a rela-tion-ship But you should be my Vday One girl is all I need And nothing more And I'm talking to you So what'cha waiting for? Come here Let's get this crackin' Wanna make you smile I love it when I see you laughing Lets subtract all the haters Do the Math! Until I make her see This is what I'm gonna do I always think about you This is what I got for you Somethin' was happening And We could have good times Add me, no beef right? Will you be x5
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