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Ice Drift

No description

on 7 March 2014

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Transcript of Ice Drift

Ice Drift
By Theodore Taylor
Plot Summary
Inuit boys Alika and Sulu get trapped on ice floe with Jamka the dog.

Must survive polar bears, freezing temperatures, and hunger.

6 months later, boys are rescued, 2-4 months later they return home.
Descriptions of Characters
Alika is 15 years old. Wants to be hunter or sailor. He is brave, wants to protect Sulu. Hopes that they will be rescued soon, knows that this is unlikely.
Sulu is 10 years old. Different than other kids his age, does not want to hunt and loves birds. Can make carvings out of wood. He is a thin and frail child, often gets sick. He is also fearful, believes that family will not stop looking for them.

Child to Adult
Book Report by Lyric Tinnel
When Alika is an adult, going to be a sailor. Wants to go to warm places. Might also work with dogs, will help his village with hunting and survival skills. Will be a good father because he likes to protect people.

When Sulu is an adult, might become an Inu for the village. Sulu is wise and caring, so is the Inu. Will probably not hunt. Sulu is going to be a great carver when he grows up. Also has a interest in birds and could study them as an adult.

Photo Collage

Landscape and time period
Ilulissat, Greenland

Slide 5
Slide 1
Slide 6
Civil war just ended, submarine invented, Abraham Lincoln assassinated, Les Miserables and Alice in Wonderland published, skiing invented, bicycles popular
My Cover Page
of the
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