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Jenna Pont

on 17 February 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

jenna lee pont just jenna! family! fav school activities! my fave music... my hobbies... what i want to be when im older... What i like to do on the computer! my name is jenna lee pont and i love pink! I have blue eyes and blonde hair and am 120cm tall and i weigh 27.8 kgs. I am a middle child because i have got one older sister called Amber who is 15 and goes to Darfield highschool.And also i have got 1 step brother on the way.I live with my mum and sister but in a couple of weeks i will be living with my step dad James.My dad Darrel lives in Auckland with my step mum Sarah and two 11 year old twins called Courtney and Taylor. My mums name is Zanthe patrina pont. my favorite music is by flowrida and Olly murs. beacause in my favorite song trouble maker they sing together! When im older i want to be a zookeeper because i love animals!My faverite animal is a WOLF they are so cute and cuddly and i had one i would train it to be my own! I i like to go on youtube when im the computer because i love to listen to music! If i could listen to youtube allday i defintly would but mostly i like to watch smosh! and onision!The are so funny! I love to do PE,drama,langauge,DTG,health,spelling but mostly ART! Because i love to draw , colour in and paint :) I love sports like tennis and soccer it keeps me going and its really fun.Especially when you are playing with friends.Another one of hobbies is art because i can draw,paint and colour in really good plus its healthy to draw what u feel and what u want!
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