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Laboratory Equipment

No description

Ana Julia Arguedas

on 24 September 2012

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Transcript of Laboratory Equipment

Equipment METALS Crucible clamps Spatula Wire Mesh GLASS Evaporating Dish Graduated Cylinder Pipette used to heat and evaporate liquids.
spanish: capsula de porcelana POTTERY Crucible Triangle Mortar & pestle A container that can stand very high temperatures and is used for metal, glass, and pigment production
spanish: crisol Measures the volume of a liquid. Can be used to calculate the density of an object if you know the mass.
spanish: probeta PLASTIC Droppers Dessicators Weighing Boat To transfer small quantities of liquids.
spanish: goteros Used to hold crucibles when they are being heated.
spanish: triangulo de porcelana A tool used to crush grind and mix solid substances. Spanish: mortero y brazo de mortero used for picking up crucibles and crucible covers
spanish: pinzas de crisol to spread and lift materials.
spanish: espatula used to distribute flame evenly
spanish: maya de asbesto used for preserving moisture, sensitive items to protect chemicals
spanish: desecadores used for liquid or solid balance sample during weighing procedures
spanish: canasta para pesar Spatula typical mechanical weight
spanish: balanza Bunsen Burner used for heating, sterilization, and combustion
spanish: quemador Burette used for accurate fluid dispensing and measurement. commonly used to measure precisely how much liquid is used.
spanish: bureta They are used in a laboratory to transport and/or measure a specific volume of liquid.
spanish: pipetas Glass Watch used as a surface to evaporate a liquid, to hold solids while being weighed, or as a cover for a beaker.
spanish: vidrio de reloj Petri Dish Used to hold a culture medium in which cells, bacteria, and viruses can be grown and studied
spanish: cajas de petri Thermometer deviced used to measure the temperature
spanish: termometro Test Tube Clamp A test tube clamp is the safe way to hold a test tube in use. This is especially true if the test tube is being heated or if chemicals are being mixed.
spanish: pinzas para tubo de ensayo Thermometer Clamp used to hold thermometer
spanish: prensa para termometro Burette Clamp Test Tube Holder used to fasten glassware into place on a ring stand
spanish: prensa used to hold/support test tubes containing chemicals waiting for further operations. Although it is called a test tube holder, it is also used to hold/ support pipettes, etc.
spanish: gradilla Stirring Rod used to mix chemicals and liquids for laboratory purposes.
spanish: agitadores Safety Tips: Glassware: Don't use as containers for food or beverages.
Never use chipped, cracked, or dirty glassware.
Heated glassware remain very hot for a long time. Be careful when using sharp instruments. Erlenmeyer used to store and heat liquids

spanish: Florence
Flask Used to hold and evenly heat liquids

spanish: balon de fondo plano Beaker used for stiring, mixing and heating liquids
spanish: vaso de
precipitacion Funnel used to channel liquids or fine grained substances
spanish: embudo Condenser device or unit used to condense vapor into liquid
spanish: condensador Fixed Volume
Matrace used for holding larger volumes than simple liquids
spanish: matraz o balon aflorado Utility Clamp Used to hold something in place, generally glassware Universal
Clamp Used to hold more than one thing at a time Stand Used to hold more than one thing at a time Beaker Clamp Used to hold more than one thing at a time
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