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Out of My Mind Book Report

Book Report about Out of My Mind

Jaimie R

on 6 November 2012

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Transcript of Out of My Mind Book Report

Out of My Mind By Sharon Draper Book Report by Jaimie Ryou Exposition The setting is at Spaulding Street Elementary School Characters: Melody, Melody's Mom, Melody's Dad, Penny, Mrs. V, Rose, Catherine, Claire, Mr. D, Connor, and Buttercup. Main Idea: Melody who has cerebral palsy, can't walk or talk. She has photographic memory. Her head is like a video camera that is always on. She's the smartest kid at her school but no one knows that. She can't feed herself, can't go to the restroom by herself, can't tell her parents she loves them, and can't show how smart she is. Unable to say things and do activities, Melody goes out of her mind until she finds something that becomes her voice but not everyone wants to hear her. Conflict Melody trying to fit in Rising Action Melody talks about how she lives with her disabilities and how she goes to this room in her school for people with disabilities/ her school life. Complication Melody leaves the place she will always fit in and joins some regular classes. Claire, a mean girl and her friend make fun of Melody. Melody gets a new laptop that can communicate with others. Melody makes a new friend and tries out for the Whiz Kids Competition and succeeds. Climax Melody wins the first round of the Whiz Kids Competition with her team. Melody goes to the airport to go to Washington D.C. to but finds out the flight has been cancelled and her team left her. Falling Action Melody goes to school but Melody's mom accidently hit's Penny's leg. When Meloday arrives, she goes to her regular classes with her team mates and confronts them about them leaving her. Her team try to make up for what they did by giving them the trophy they and Melody breaks it and goings out of the room laughing, saying you deserve that. Resolution Melody realizes that even if she was normal, she would always stick out. She would fit in but she would stick out. Symbols The symbol is Melody's fish, Ollie. Ollie is talked about in the beginning of the book. Ollie is the little fish that Melody had when she was a little child. One day, Ollie got tired of swimming in his bowl so he tried going out of the bowl. Ollie suceeds and Ollie passes away because fish can't breathe without air. Ollie is the symbol because Melody is sick of not able to share her thoughts like Ollie gets sick of just swimming. Once Melody gets her laptop, Melody leaves her bowl but then her hope of fitting in because she can talk dies. Introduction Words and phrase swirl in my head like a blender with a smoothie. Actions that people do everyday. I've remember everything of anything that I have experienced. Since I was born, I was labeled. I was in the folder "disabeled". I remember facts from watching television when I was little and I'm smarted than anyone in my grade. I want to tell people I am smart but I can't. I have cerebal palsy. I have never ever spoken a single word.... And I never will. Theme The theme is being left out/sticking out. Melody sticks aout and the result is her being left out. Melody gets left out by the normal kids at recess because she had cerebal palsy. Melody who is kind and smart gets left out because her classmates (in her grade) focus on her differences rather than personality. Even when Melody gets on the Whiz Kid Competition team, Melody gets excluded. What I Like Best I liked most in this book is that the book tells the sad truth in society. People are more judged on if they have a problem, class of life, or how they look. People don't really judge of personality. I also loved Melody's voice and how she thought. She thought like a typical 5th grade or middle school student so I could relate a lot. About the Author Sharon Draper is a author, creator, and visionary. Sharon Draper loves spring flowers, summer heat, and the dying of leaves. She is born in Cleveland in 1952 and she currently lives in Cincinati, Ohio with her husband and a golden retriever. Would I recommend it? I would definitely recommend this book! This book has voice and events that you can relate to! It helps you understand those how have a disabilities.
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