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Consumer Driven Marketing

By: Brittney Purnell & Raymond Harbert

Raymond Harbert

on 5 May 2010

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Transcript of Consumer Driven Marketing

execution : and going is sometimes necessary to be able to higher avoid going around in circles concentrate your faculties on the problem but keep an eye out for extra inspiration. watch out for that may lead to the solution when you finally get the right idea FOCUS (ide rajz) step by step : PREPARATION and at all times: take it easy dictate a dynamic pace ... others are likely to join in! main course ... having given birth to great ideas... the first step is always the hardest soon you'll be ! focus on the at the end of the tunnel! finally, have FUN with your project! (don't bite your nails) clues let's take it Nr. 1: and now for the unless you are it! enjoying under rise soaring high role models (take a step back when necessary) then in as a leader... but remember to use your head strange experiments will sometimes produce results fantastic plans usually, sticking with the is the most effective confused In case you get there's always a way out. you'll pop out eventually and finally: don't let question your art! anyone Consumer Driven Marketing first of all, try to get shock Value it's a piece of cake fight hard but can help... well... we hope you have enjoyed your meal! but remember: it's just a game THE BIG PICTURE light assemble your ! FORCES then again... don't panic! created by: Livia Janoch Balazs Turai fight hard! during our summer
internship at prezi.com Brittney Purnell & Raymond Harbert # of marketing research done each year
each year their are about ....... marketing reseach done... What is Customer driven

customer driven marketing is
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