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Failure Of The Weimar Republic

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garrett smith

on 15 November 2013

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Transcript of Failure Of The Weimar Republic

Failure Of The Weimar Republic
Basic Background Info
The reasons the Weimar Republic failed were because manily the hyperinflation and also because the government was blamed for "selling out" Germany by signing the treaty of versailles.
The Young Plan was an attempt by former wartime allies to support the government of Weimar Germany. In 1924, the Dawes Plan had been introduced to bring Weimar out of hyperinflation and to stabilise its economy.
In 1919 the Spartacists, who were revolutionary socialists later to become known as the Communist Party of KDP, tried to start a revolution in an attempt to create a new communist Germany.

Relation to Anti Bullying and Rachel's Challange
learn from your mistakes
The Weimar Republic was formed in order to replace the imperial government after World War 1. The mistake wasthe republic signing the treaty of Versailles, causing Germany to take full blame for World War 1, which alsocmeans they owe all the debt. The debt caused hyperinflation, which put Germany in an economic bind and lead to the fall of the Republic. Germany can now look at the failure of the republic and learn from it now as they make decisions.
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