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Outliers: Week 4 - Emerging Trends and Models

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Christopher Grant

on 13 June 2014

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Transcript of Outliers: Week 4 - Emerging Trends and Models

Week 4 - Emerging Trends and Models
Utah Valley University
The Utah Valley University differs from traditional models because of its humble beginnings as a vocational school in 1945. As a vocational school, hands-on learning has always been a part of their DNA. This characteristic has been a mainstay of their DNA through today. UVU calls this “engaged learning.” The home page has a video of a student who is taking advanced chemistry labs as a college sophomore that would only be offered in graduate programs at other schools.

Another non-traditional characteristic is their policy of open-admissions (US News and World Report, 2014). No one who applies is turned away. If the student is not fully prepared for college, UVU offers an online math course to help them get ready to start. The course is 6 weeks long and offered at no cost.
LaGuardia Community College
Annual Tuition:
$4566 (63% of students receive some type of financial aid)

Native Languages:

Destination of Graduates: (Top Three)
Queens – 20%
CUNY – 23%
Private Colleges – 7%

Mission: “
LaGuardia Community College’s mission is to educate and graduate one of the most diverse student populations in the country to become critical thinkers and socially responsible citizens who help to shape a rapidly evolving society” (LaGuardia, 2014).

LaGuardia is located in Long Island City, NY (Queens). According to the institution, Queens is the “most ethnically diverse borough, with the world center of finance, commerce and the arts, the college provides access to higher education and serves New Yorkers of all backgrounds, ages and means” (LaGuardia, 2014).

This Community College offers programs in urban studies, liberal arts, business, sciences, health, technology, developmental education, college and transfer preparation, experiential education, continuing education classes, workforce training and Honors programs
Utah Valley University
LaGuardia Community College
Western Governor’s University
Arizona State University -
Innovation Challenge
Utah Valley University
UVU is very pro-community. The Utah Valley area has several state parks, museums and other areas of attraction. The College of Liberal Arts has several majors ranging from Visual Arts, Dance, Drama and Music which is supported by the local arts community.

The university is also a forerunner in international studies. They were the first to set up accredited international programs with Russia and Ukraine.

One major benefit is the location of the university. They are now in multiple campuses in the Utah Valley. The population is large enough to support their school. The majority of students are Utah residents. Less than 20% are from out of state or international. However, they do have certain stipulations for an out of state student to be accepted at in-state tuition rates.

It appears the model is local only to the Utah Valley. There is no indication on the UVU or State of Utah websites that any of the staff at UVU is unionized. Without a union, the executive leadership team of the university has much more flexibility with strategy and daily operations. They also would have more control over expenses including salaries.
Utah Valley University
Potential Pitfalls

Since 1945, this school has grown by leaps and bounds. Not only have they built several buildings at their main location. They have several satellite locations. They also have a very robust sports program. The one sport they do not have is football. As a public school, they are subject to the legislation passed by their state.

Utah Valley University
Local Only or Diffused Model

The UVU model seems to be localized in the Utah Valley as it relates to UVU. Could this model be used at other institutions?
Yes, I believe so.
However, if the school is a state school with unions, controlling costs and control over operations may not be achievable.

Utah Valley University
Utah System of Higher Education. (2014, June 10). Retrieved from: http://higheredutah.org/

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U. S. News and World Report. (2014, June 10). Utah Valley University. Retrieved from: http://colleges.usnews.rankingsandreviews.com/best-colleges/utah-valley-university-4027
LaGuardia Community College
LaGuardia in the News:

Profiles on three recent graduates –
all of the students have followed an “untraditional route” in regards to higher education (coming from immigrant families)

Chile’s first community college thanks to a partnership between the Central University of Chile and LaGuardia Community College
Technical-based education program
Students would receive a two-year degree in addition to a dual degree from LaGuardia
“The community college's developers envision it as a way to direct more students into the kind of two-year system that has proved so successful in the United States: a practical, inexpensive education with a clear pathway to a university degree, should students choose to continue studying.” (Li, 2010)
Program encourages social mobility in the country, while also helping to erase the stigma associate with technical-level degrees in the country

Gail O. Mellow (president of LaGuardia) teams up with William E. Kirwan (chancellor of the University System of Maryland) for a debate against Richard C. Levin (president of Yale University) and Daniel M. Hamburger (president and chief executive of DeVry Inc.) on the Value of Education’s Business Model
Mellow criticizes “the large and growing share of federal-aid money that students take to for-profit colleges like DeVry” (Fain, 2010)
LaGuardia Community College
About Us - Fast Facts. (n.d.). LaGuardia Community College. Retrieved June 10, 2014, from http://www.laguardia.cuny.edu/About/Fast-Facts/

Fain, P. (2010, April 28). College Leaders Debate the Value of Higher Education's Business Model. The Chronicle - Administration. Retrieved June 10, 2014, from http://chronicle.com/article/College-Leaders-Debate-the/65271/

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Mission Statement. (n.d.). LaGuardia Community College. Retrieved June 10, 2014, from http://www.laguardia.cuny.edu/About/Mission-Statement/

Ross, J. (2014, June 10). Life After Community College.
www.nationaljournal.com. Retrieved June 10, 2014, from http://www.nationaljournal.com/next-america/education/life-after-community-college-20140610
LaGuardia Community College
Enrollment (As of Fall 2012): Non-Degree Students – 32,500;
Degree Students: 19,289

Highest pop. - Hispanic (45.8%)
Lowest pop – Other (2.8%)

Western Governor's University
Salt Lake City, Utah
Student Enrollment:
43,000 (as of 2013)
Western Governor's University
WGU is the only online, fully-accredited, competency-based university. WGU is a private, non-profit university that was created by 19 US governors and incorporated in 1997. (U.S. News, Education Colleges)

“The principal mission of Western Governor's University is to improve quality and expand access to post-secondary educational opportunities by providing a means for individuals to learn independent of time and place and to earn competency-based degrees and other credentials that are credible to both academic institutions and employers.” (www.wgu.edu)

Affordable at a yearly tuition of $6,070 in 2013-2014 academic year. Rolling admissions utilizing a continuous-based academic calendar. (U.S. News)
What’s important to note is that WGU is the ONLY university in the country that grants degrees based on demonstrated competency, measuring learning rather than time or class credits. (U.S. News)
Competency-based education programs were approved as eligible for federal financial aid. (U.S. News)
WGU won competency-based education approval for VA benefits (GI bill), Department of Defense tuition assistance, and corporate tuition reimbursement programs. (U.S. News)
WGU is named a top military-friendly school by Military Advanced Education for five consecutive years. (U.S. News)
Western Governor's University
In the News:
Named #28 Most Innovative Company of 2013 by Fast Company for showing public schools another way to do business
WGU is the only university to be accredited by four regional accrediting organizations (February 2003); and received approval for Candidacy for NCATE Accreditation for its Teachers College in just its third year of operation (2005). WGU received full unconditional accreditation for 5 years in October 2006, becoming the first online university ever to receive this prestigious accreditation. (U.S. News and World Report, 2014)
In an article titled "The College For-profits Should Fear" author John Gravois details WGU is faster, better and cheaper, than compettitors Kaplan, University of Phoenix, and Capella.
Western Governor's University
How does your example differ from "traditional" models? What are the characteristics, benefits, and potential pitfalls:
1. Affordability:
A major part of WGU’s mission as a nonprofit university is to keep tuition low. So low, in fact, that tuition is typically half what other reputable online universities and traditional colleges charge. (www.wgu.edu)

Students can also save by being rewarded for their hard work. Tuition is charged at a flat rate every six months, so students are paying for the time needed to prove their competence. If students can complete their program in less time, they only pay tuition for the time it takes. With that said, the faster students progress, the more they save. Which is a big incentive to work hard and get it down, not seen at any other institution. (www.wgu.edu)

TIME Magazine called WGU "the best relatively cheap university you've never heard of." (www.wgu.edu) Affordability is a benefit of WGU and it differs immensely from other universities that are 3 times the cost.
Western Governor's University
2. Competency-Based, Not Credit Hour Based:
WGU’s online degrees are based on real-world competencies as opposed to seat time or credit hours. There focus is on ensuring students possess the skills and knowledge needed to be successful, not whether students attended class or not. (www.wgu.edu)

Students are able to take advantage of what they already know. Progress is determined by whether students can "prove" they know their stuff, whether proven sooner than later because of prior experience and education. Students will be able to draw upon this experience to complete assessments faster, ultimately saving money and time. (www.wgu.edu). This mode of matriculation is very different from traditional models of education.

Choice of when and where to study. Online learning at WGU is flexible compared to other online universities. Student programs are personalized to student’s schedules in several ways to ensure flexibility and success in all areas of life. (www.wgu.edu)
Western Governor's University
Students get mentoring and support. Students have mentors committed to connecting them to what they need until they graduate. (www.wgu.edu). Although many institutions provide admission coach's to support the student body, WGU seems a bit more one on one from start to finish.

Potential pitfalls: the UAE and Saudi Arabia are a few countries that have strict regulations concerning acceptable degree programs. Saudi Arabia typically frowns upon online degrees (especially those without brick and mortar campuses). They are very traditional with regards to educational models and competence based learning is not acceptable. Not that there is anything wrong with the model, it's just that they are traditional. The Saudi Cultural Mission outlines the acceptable requirements and as a recruitor, we have to follow these guildelines. Case in point, Western Governors University isn’t listed on the Saudi Cultural Mission's website as acceptable institutional degrees that are eligible for employment visas: http://www.sacm.org/Departments/ApprovedUniversities.aspx.

Current and former students have stated they do not acquire the same "hands-on" experiences traditional colleges offer. Tradtional four year college and university professors have suggested WGU's model "waters down" the college experience, especially dialogue between professor and student.
Western Governor's University
Is it "diffusing" to other locations, or localized? What’s the potential for diffusion?
I don’t think this program can be diffused into other institutions due to its unique nature of a non-credit hour, competency way of assessment and matriculation. Most institutions are very traditional, using credits to determine graduation. Plus, the number of credit hours is what institutions use as criteria for tuition costs. However, what's more easily diffusable is more affordable tuitions and unique mentorships to support a student throughout their course of study. It would be nice if high schools could adopt the mentorship program during their junior and senior year for guidance, especially in low socioeconomic neighborhoods where guidance is scare.
Western Governor's University
Gravois, J. (2011, September 1). The College For-profits Should Fear.Washington Monthly.

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Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission to the U.S. Retrieved June 10, 2014 from: http://www.sacm.org/Departments/ApprovedUniversities.aspx

U.S News. Education Colleges. Retrieved June 10, 2014 from: http://colleges.usnews.rankingsandreviews.com/best-colleges/western-governors-university-33394

Western Governors University. Retrieved June 10, 2014 from: www.wgu.edu
ASU - Innovation Challenge
How does your example differ from "traditional" models?

The Innovation Challenge is a segment of the Changemaker Central program at Arizona State. Changemaker Central is a variety of extracurricular activities that “empowers students to apply their education, expertise and passion for positive social progress and life-long civic engagement.” The Innovation Challenge is different from traditional models because it allows students to “practice their skills in teamwork, leadership, project development, business plan creation, public speaking, and network creation.”
ASU - Innovative Challenge
What are the characteristics, benefits, and potential pitfalls?

The Innovation Challenge is for undergraduate and graduate students who seek to benefit local and global communities with an innovative program. Students work together to create a business plan that can win up to $10,000 toward the implementation. The added benefit is that the preparation can help them submit their business proposals for additional funding. Fortunately, I don’t see any potential pitfalls because it is run and developed by students and the funding forces students to be accountable to start and continue the program.
ASU - Innovative Challenge
How did the change take place? Is it "diffusing" to other locations, or localized?

In 2008, Ashoka U, a initiative of Ashoka (the world’s largest network of social entrepreneurs) created Changemaker Innovative campuses at several higher education institutions. The umbrella program, Changemaker Central, started in 2011. Arizona State sought to develop programming that helped the communities that surrounded the campus. Through this program, Arizona State created the four programs: Innovative Challenge, Devils in Disguise, 10,000 Solutions and Ignite @ ASU.

The Ashoka U Changemaker Campus initiative has help start programs at 24 other institutions including Brown, Duke, George Mason and Portland State.
ASU - Innovation Challenge
What is the potential for diffusion of this innovation?

The program has incredible potential for diffusion. Other institutions can use this same model to create a platform that allows student to create real programs that combine creativity, collaboration, technology and social change. While the monetary benefit is great, its not necessary. The practice of putting together a strong business model gives students skills that will benefit them after college.
ASU - Innovation Challenge
"ASU Innovation Challenge." 2010. 12 Jun. 2014 <http://innovationchallenge.asu.edu/

"Ashoka U | Catalyzing social innovation in higher education." 2009. 13 Jun. 2014 <http://ashokau.org/

"Changemaker @ ASU." 2011. 13 Jun. 2014 <http://changemaker.asu.edu/>
We hope you enjoyed the presentation!
-The Outliers
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