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matheu lister

on 24 January 2014

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Transcript of gladiators

Hoplomachus (the all around beast)
-- well armed with a helmet a round shield. --he had a complete suit of armor
-- used a short sword or a dagger and a spear
2.Hoplomachus (the all around beast)
Hoplomachus was well armed with a helmet a round shield. he had a complete suit of armor. he use a short sword or a dagger and a spear. he fought against the thraces
Gladiators With Swords
Thrace used a curved dagger and a small round shield he wore a bronze helmet and leg armor . he fought against the mirmillo and the hoplomachus
Gladiators With Helmets
Types of Gladiators
Each gladiator had different a kind of armor and sword. Each one had a different way of killing the other one.
If a gladiator survived 5 years of battle he would be rewarded with freedom and riches.
Gladiators With Armor
202 BCE. first gladiatorial games
70 CE. work on Colosseum
80 CE emperor Titus opens Colosseum
200 CE female gladiators are banned
404 CE emperor honories abolishes gladiatonal games.

Spartacus was a spartan who became a gladiator. He was one of the top ten gladiators ever. He lead a gladiator and slave rebellion 20,000 strong . He was later killed by the roman army.

Most Famous Type of Gladiator
3.Secutor wore a helmet and a

Dimachaorius had two swords

There where many different types of gladiators each one fought against a different type of gladiator every fight. Each gladiator had a special kind of other gladiator that they fought against. It was not just one big mosh pit.

Time-line of the Gladiators

The name gladiator came from the latin world gladiatores it meant the one who uses the sword.

Work Cited
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The gladiators ate meat, fish, bread, cereals and vegetables. For a diet and before a fight the only ate barley, dry fruits, eggs, cheese, goat milk, and olive oil. Gladiators did not drink alcahol or any other juice or milk they only drank water.

Interesting Facts on Gladiators

Gladiators were slaves, criminals, prisoners
of war, and paid volunteers who fought against each other or against wild animals for the entertainment or Rome's citizens in Colosseums.
Gladiator fights mostly went to the death.
Victorious gladiators were famous.
Former gladiators became gladiator teachers or body guards.
Gladiators lived in prison cells.
Fights were previously held on special holidays, but then they were held more often.
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