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Kaizen Theory

No description

Ivy Nguyen

on 2 February 2017

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Transcript of Kaizen Theory

Kaizen Theory
What is Kaizen?
was first introduced by Masaaki Imai. The concept of
started in Japan, but it was developed trough Eastern principles and Western ideas. Soon after the concept was created, the Kaizen Institute came about. This institute has been guiding over 50 companies for decades and will
continue to do so for their goal
of a better world.
Today, kaizen is used in many manufacturing processes.
It has led to the success of Japanese manufacturing through high quality and low costs.
theory can be applied to many other work environments as well.
By: Kayla Dang and Ivy Nguyen
is a Japanese word meaning "continuous improvement", or a change for the better. It's used to describe a company's process which is constantly finding different ways to improve. The main idea of
is that "Big results come from many small changes accumulated over time."
means "change"
means "good"
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Masaaki Imai

Shoichiro Toyoda
PLTW Computer Integrated Manufacturing
3rd Period
Masaaki Imai is credited for developing the concept of
and becoming the founder of the Kaizen Institute in 1985.
"Innovators such as Henry Ford, Deming, and Shewhart have strong influence in
along with Toyoda, Ohno, and Shingo."
Henry Ford
is a simple concept in which everyone works for
innovation. It also has many small concepts which can be practiced by companies in different ways. Small changes can create big results. Throughout the years, many people have joined with the
Institution to further improve their techniques and knowledge.
has been and will be implemented for many years to come.
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