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ABS Physics Presentation

No description

Lorenz Mattli

on 2 October 2014

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Transcript of ABS Physics Presentation

What is Anti-Locking Braking System?
The anti lock braking system (ABS) Is a system that works with Sensors, the sensors are used to determine the optimum braking pressure and prevent the wheels from locking. So you keep control of your bike, even when fully braking, and therefore stay in lane.
Where did ABS come from?
ABS brakes were developed by a french engineer Gabriel Voisin who developed ABS brakes for aircraft's in 1929
How did ABS move to motorcycles?
ABS Components
In The ABS Brakes
- they are 4 major components:

-Speed Senors
-ABS unit
-Brake Cylinder
-Brake Caliper
What did ABS do reduce?
ABS brakes reduced 38% of all accidents resulting in physical injury, and 48% of all serious and fatal accidents.
How do the ABS brakes work?
ABS Physics Presentation
Lorenz Mattli

ABS brakes were applied to motorcycles, due to the higher safety risk on motorcycles. ABS brakes were able to reduced this risks.
ABS brakes allow the wheels to rotate while braking, with hard braking the wheel could cause it to lock up and lose traction. But ABS will prevent the wheels from locking and allowing them to maintain traction.
Physics Principles in ABS Brakes
( Newton's Law)
-The vehicle is traveling at a speed and during the emergency stop according to Newton's first law of motion the vehicle will experience inertia.
- The brakes must also overcome inertia.
Physics Principles in ABS Brakes
-The momentum of the vehicle is converted through friction.
-The vehicles momentum will be changed and will cease through the force of friction on the wheels.
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