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Water Pollution

No description

Ruben Magana

on 3 March 2015

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Transcript of Water Pollution

A problem...
Affects on humans
impact on wildlife
Waste can kill aquatic life by poisoning, disease and contamination.
Water P lluti n

By: Luna Moreno, Eilsa Carrillo, Dalton Swartout, Kyler Mckechnie , and RJ Magana
About 1,290,750 pounds
of waste in Oregon's rivers alone!

Affecting & contaminating our community

is the contamination of water bodies, very often by human activities.
Survey Data
Waste in our water effects drinking water, ecosystems, developing countries and much more.
We can't ignore it!
it's important
Water makes up 70% of earth's surface, essential to life and its now being polluted
For our solution we decided that knowledge was the most powerful tool.
With polluted water we can't
grow crops for food, and drink
without getting sick.
before after
Waste in water increases decomposers in water, depleting oxygen causing aquatic life to die.
In developing countries, it is usually the leading cause of death, because water is polluted.
no waste
with waste
As trash accumulates, it remains in the ecosystem for decades impacting many things.
Every time it rains, pollution of all kinds washes into rivers, eventually reaching the ocean.

It comes from many sources mainly waste, from litter on the streets to industrial waste.

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#1 Get other people aware about this problem
#2 Stop littering/pick up trash or waste
#3 Encourage parents to use less fertilizer/ use environment safe chemicals
It worked
Remember to be the solution to water pollution.
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