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The Bengali War of Independence

No description

Bdeeha Khan

on 12 December 2016

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Transcript of The Bengali War of Independence

Many people involved were either forced to be involved or were rebellious. People in the Bengali war either believed that people should live with each other in harmony and should be OK with different religions or that Islam should be the only religion. In the beginning towards middle of this article says, “On March 25 the genocide was launched.” (Bangladesh Genocide Archive) then in the middle of the same article states, “ ‘ the Pakistani army killed 100,000 Bengali's in Dacca, 150,000 in Khulna, 75,000 in Jess ore, 95,000 in Camilla, and 100,000 in Chittagong. For eighteen districts the total is 1,247,000 killed.’ (R.J. Rommel).” ( Bangladesh Genocide Archive) which means that the Pakistani army killed many people in different cities in east Pakistan (Bangladesh).
This war/genocide was based off religious beliefs. This article states, “ Tension between East and West Pakistan existed from the outset because of their vast geographic, economic, and cultural differences.” (Infoplease) which means that the tension between them got more stronger and stronger, where the war/genocide started, but after nine months got split up.
Religious Beliefs
The world and the people were affected in many ways from this war. People were scarred and will remember this as the story is passed on. According to the New Encyclopedia, “The political prelude to the war included several factors. Due to the differences between the two states, a nascent separatist movement developed in East Pakistan.” (Bangladesh War of Independence) It says that this was also due from political reasons and from the different between the two countries. People will remeber how these countries were made and how harsh it was.
How it Affected the People and World
The Begali war of independence was full of many risk-taking people who fought for what they believed in. They didn't care if they died they just wanted things to be right. According to this article in Wikipedia, “Members of the Pakistani military and supporting Bihari and Bengali Razakar militias from Jamaat e Islami raped between two and four hundred thousand Bangladeshi women in a systematic campaign of genocidal rape.” (Rape during the Bangladesh Liberation War) This article says that The people in charge of the genocide raped the women to campaign what they believed in. (I now yuck.) If the Men interfered they might die or get injured some didn't even now that their wife or daughter was getting raped. Let's get of that topic and focus on the military some of the people on the military were forced to be on the military just like some were forced to be part of the nazi.
How Risky it is
It all started when Pakistan was made, How it was made you ask? Well Hindu and Muslim could not agree and didn't like what each of them believed in so they broke apart into Pakistan and India. West Pakistan was happy with this and paraded and were proud but east Pakistan (Now Bangladesh) thought that they should be what ever they want to be. Soon, war started and so did a genocide. It only lasted for nine months but it was a war/genocide to remember. The Bengali war of independence is full of risk-takers, world changing, based off religious beliefs, and rebellious.
The Basic Information
The Bengali War of Independence
By: Me
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In conclusion the Bengali War of independence is full of risk-takers, world changing, based off religious beliefs, and rebellious. The Bengali War was an important life changing event that took place in 1971 that lasted nine months but could never be less important than many other things. That is what the Bengali War of Independence is all about, an event that made an impact on everyone and everything!
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