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No description

Castroville PC Lab

on 2 June 2015

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Transcript of angel

The French Government thinks that the gunman were born in France but also in different families.
In Conclusion,the two similar stories that you just read are that they both talking about and conclude both money,power,food and trade,and also as in the way of life.
angel's presentation
Many people living outside of Paris
said that they saw the gunman in an
alley at night.
Prime Minister thinks that the French people are scared of the gunman in the city of France.
The gunman of France was running from the sheriff to the other nation but then the train hit them.

In the same way,the Prime Minister thinks that they are not safe.
Also,the actions from the gunman and the french people think that they have a better way to stop them.
When the government loses their money,many protests stand and people lose their homes.
Children will be learning to tell the same and different in between evidence and the weather channels and new spring sent out on the web by The Museum Group at 2006-2009.
On the 22d,the government knew how to stop the olympics from destroying the houses of the people.
People are worried and have been panicking
because of there homes are going
to be destroyed because of the olympics.
People in Brazil will have to survive
without and will hunt some of their own food.
The government was running out of money and
so the president said that they had to
Also,the president said that the olympics would
benefit for the poor and the government
told the people what the president said and
Many buildings and houses were broken down
but still standing and broken.
As the government ran out of money,the people
were suing the president and the government.
When the protest was done,the government had
more money to pay to the people and their homes
were fixed and rebuild.
Most people in Brazil have died of starvation,
thirst and for food.Most of the people have survived.
The people of France is suing the French
government of not getting money
from the bank and their accounts.
Rome was the start of
civilization.In Rome,the
Romans had little voice in the government.
And also,slaves were also been
doing by the ancient Romans to
get free labor from them.

In Rome,there are two classes,the wealthy and rich people with full power,and the poor people with little food to survive.
The Roman civilization is about
destroying empires,the
devastating life,and lots of
challenges and battles.
In the end,this shows that the
Romans have built perfect
life and the first social class
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