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Examples of Good and Bad Presentations

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Audrey Helmerich

on 9 April 2013

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Transcript of Examples of Good and Bad Presentations

Example of a BAD Presentation... Why is Buddha popularly depicted in two very different ways? The original Buddha (founder of Buddhism) is depicted like this: The "Laughing Buddha" was first popularized in China because it fits the ideas of the most prevalent form of Buddhism in China: Zen Buddhism There are many legends surrounding the "Laughing Buddha," but it is most important to know that he represents the ideas of joy, generosity, contentment and kindness. The "Laughing Buddha" is one of the buddhas, or one who has reached enlightenment," and is actually called Budai. Most agree he was a monk who did historically exist. Now, an example of a GOOD presentation: Who is the Budai? The Buddha Siddhartha Gautama Budai Chán Monk Budai is "regional." He came from and represents Zen Buddhism values: contentment
kindness Remember: The concept of the "Buddha" Can there be only ONE Buddha?
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