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Kelp Forrests

No description

thomas 4c

on 25 October 2016

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Transcript of Kelp Forrests

Food Chain
kelp forets
marine life
kelp forst
Kelp Forests are located mostly in the
Pacific Ocean, they grow in places
where there is lots of sunlight.

Such as: Western Japan, Australia,
Mexico, and California

By: Thomas Lynch, Philipp Strauss,
Irene Ramirez, and Esther Flores
What is The Water Like?

In the water of the kelp forest there is a lot of waves, and strong currents

plant life
How Do Humans Interact With Kelp Forests?

Kelp is turned into Japanese products such as shushi, Ice cream, toothpaste, soup and shampoo
Kelp also may be used as medicine all over the world
Giant kelp and algae exist in kelp forests
These plants require sunlight and cool water to grow

Giant kelp can grow up to 300 feet in a single year!
When the Giant kelp grows up to the surface it forms a mat on top of the water
Kelp forest have a higher diversity than any other ecosytstem
Animals that exist in the kelp forest are seals, sea lions, whales, sea otters, gulls, turns, snowy egrets, and cormorants
There are also invertabrates such as jellyfish, crabs, and seastars
The water in kelp forests is clear, this allows sunlight to reach the ocean floor where kelp begins to grow
kelp forests water temeperature can be up to 72 degrees and as low as 42 Degrees

giant kelp grows in warm shallow waters

Kelp Forests
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