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Blankner's MTSS Process

No description

Michelle Hines

on 11 March 2014

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Transcript of Blankner's MTSS Process

If the interventions ARE NOT working...
Continue interventions, progress monitoring and graphing of data.
Try new interventions.
Complete Meeting Request form & submit to MTSS Coach.
MTSS meeting will be scheduled.
MTSS - Multi-Tiered Support System
MTSS is a process, not a program or a formula, that can be implemented to achieve certain results. Each student is unique, making the MTSS process different for each student.
If you are concerned about a student in your class...
1. Review previous data in student’s cumulative folder.
2. Discuss concerns (academic/behavior) in PLC or grade level meetings.
3. Have parent conference to discuss concerns.
4. Using data, pinpoint target area. (Collect new data if necessary)
5. Select & implement Tier 2 interventions. (Small group)
6. Progress monitor & graph data (duration 4-6 weeks).

Need Assistance with the MTSS Process?
MTSS Coaches - Schattauer (academic) & Adams (behavior)
Literacy/Instructional Coach - Hines
CRT - Preston
Your fellow colleagues!
Many of your colleagues are champions with interventions, progress monitoring, data, graphing, etc.

If the interventions ARE working...
Continue interventions and progress monitoring.
Move student back into Tier 1 when making adequate progress.

Blankner's MTSS Process
I need help with...
Reviewing the cumulative folder - See Schattauer or Scherr
Obtaining & reviewing data - See IMS, the cumulative folder, Hines or Preston (academic), Adams or guidance counselors (behavior), other resource teachers (such as Houston, Suarez)
Intervention ideas & resources - See teacher manuals, resource room, websites (such as FCRR, Reading A to Z, OPM tools), Hines, Adams, other colleagues, etc.
Progress monitoring & graphing - See easyCBM, IMS, OPM tools, MTSS team, other colleagues
MTSS forms - Blankner intranet, Schattauer, Adams
What do I need to bring to the MTSS Team Meeting?
List of Interventions & Support form
Student Work Samples
Progress Monitoring Data (graphs)
Notes from meetings with parents








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