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Formal and Informal letter

No description

Goun Baek

on 6 December 2013

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Transcript of Formal and Informal letter

Formal & Informal letter
Writing Letters:
As you all know, since human has been on earth, communication is one of the significant activity of human being.
So what if these people want to communicate from a distance, A letter or e-mail! It is.
What do I meand by
formal / Informal?
Kind of letter you would write to your friends, parents, classmates..
For People you know well! _ Relaxed!
1. Informal English : OK :D
- didn't , can't , haven't ...

2. Formal English : No!
- did not, cannot, have not..
The use of Idioms
Idioms are expressions whose meaning is not predictable from the usual meanings of its constituent elements

1. Informal English : OK :D
ex) "under the weather" , "kick the bucket"
"Break a leg"

2. Formal English : No!

Phrasal verbs:
: usually two-word phrases consisting of verb + adverb or verb + preposition

1. Informal English : OK :D
ex) find out , go up, say sorry, put off

2. Formal English : No!
ex) discover, increase, apologize, postpone

: Sentences that start with a verb

1. Informal English : OK :D
ex) Send it soon!

2. Formal English : No!
ex) You may send it at your earliest convenience

Abbreviations are allowed to be used in letters:
= carbon copy (send a copy of a letter to more than one person)
= enclosure (include other papers with letter)
= per procurationem (A Latin phrase meaning that you are signing the letter on somebody else's behalf)
tips for Do's and Don't
I. Introduction
II. Comparison: Formal & Informal
- Do's and Dont's for writing
III. Quiz! :D
* Reason:

+ to request direct information or action from another party.
+ to order supplies from a supplier.
+ to identify a mistake that was committed.
+ to reply directly to a request.
+ to apologize for a wrong or to convey goodwill.
Informal letter is..
Formal letter is..
We use it with strangers, our boss in the workpace..
It's the English you really have to think about _ Serious!
*very, really, totally
*To top it all off
On top of it all,
* !, * a lot
* non-Latin words
ex) smart
* No !, * many/much
* Latin words
ex) Intelligent
** Is the following sentence an example of formal or informal writing?

1. I didn’t need any help.
1) Formal 2) Informal

2. Let’s watch some TV this weekend.
1) Formal 2) Informal

3. We found out when they met up.
1) Formal 2) Informal

4. Many children in the world lack adequate food and housing.
1) Formal 2) Informal

5. I’ve been under the weather lately.
1) Formal 2) Informal

6. I would like to apologize for any inconvenience I may have caused.
1) Formal 2) Informal
** Is the following sentence an example of formal or informal writing?

7. Furthermore, we have seen the number of units sold increase dramatically.
1) Formal 2) Informal

8. Lots of kids have dropped their courses this fall.
1) Formal 2) Informal

9. Write back ASAP.
1) Formal 2) Informal

10. To top it all off, I have an essay to write by Monday.
1) Formal 2) Informal

Change this business letter to
an email for your friend!
Be creative :D
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