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Pretty Little Liars

No description

Jocelyn Jaramillo

on 9 December 2012

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Transcript of Pretty Little Liars

Duration: 48 minutes
Genre: Mistery and Suspence
Chanel name: Boomerang
Chanel number: 51 on Telecable
Language: English
Origin: United States Pretty Little Liars Alison Dilaurentis Spencer Hastings Aria Montgomery Jenna Marshall Emily Fields Hanna Marin She was beautiful, thin and have blonde hair.
Alison was the leader, was a liar, manipulative and is dead. She is Beautiful, tall and thin.
Spencer is intelligente, responsible and liar. Aria is beautiful, thin and have brown hair.
She is romantic, brave and liar. She is ugly, thin, she have a brown hair, and is blind.
Jenna is mysterious, bad, liar and spiteful Emily is beautiful, thin, tall and Brunette.
she is timid, liar, honest with herself and homosexual. She is Beautiful, thin, have blonde hair and blue eyes.
Hanna is sensitive, rude, liar and thief. Sasha Pieterse Troian Bellisario Lucy hale Ashley Benson Shay Mitchell Tammin Sursok FEELINGS. Social values Reactions Love Intrigue
Suspense Doubt Happiness Sadness *Surprise
*Suspense Love
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