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Consumer behavior regard to purchasing shampoo

No description

Dagmara Sokołowska

on 31 October 2014

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Transcript of Consumer behavior regard to purchasing shampoo

Consumer behavior regard to purchasing shampoo
Rowie Ambachtsheer
Anne Boot
Iasyna Chopyk
Kamila Dzierżak
Asli Gundag
Dagmara Sokołowska

Prepared by:
The research focuses on the consumers' behavior regard to purchasing shampoo.
What are the main factors that the consumer takes into consideration when purchasing shampoo?
What is the difference of consumer behavior between men and women regarding shampoo?
How do promotions affect consumer behavior regarding shampoo?
The research
1. Desk research
2. Qualitative research
3. Quantitative research
Small sample of society
Most of the respondents are in the age between 18-24
Most of respondents were female
Research findings
Importance of ingredients
Importance of packaging while purchasing shampoo

Relation between quality and price
Why do consumers switch brands?
Ingredients - not a significant part of the campaign
Companies should not focus on packaging, because it is not an important factor for consumers while purchasing shampoo
Companies can increase the prices, because there are consumers
willing to pay more for better quality
Companies should make some small changes or improvements in their products, because consumers tend to try something new every once a while
Thank you for your attention!
Good experience with brand
Advice from others
Men: 25%
Women: 43%
Men: 25%
Women: 75%
Men: 45%
Women: 54%
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