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Our Muscular Sytem Questionnaire

2013 Q/A Game (Health Professor Group) Our Muscular System (Ch. 15 Lesson 2)

Wasef Mahmoud

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of Our Muscular Sytem Questionnaire

They help circulate your blood and control blood pressure, and deliver oxygen to muscles. Answer Stomach, Blood Vessels, Walls of Your Esophagus. Answer Dehydration, poor circulation of blood, etc. Answer Sharp pain in the arm or leg Answer Lactic acid is the waste product of the chemical reaction made when there is no sufficient amount of oxygen available to the muscles. Answer Oxygen cannot be provided fast enough to muscle fibers. Your muscles then obtain energy from a chemical reaction that does not use oxygen. Answer Muscle tone is the slight constant contraction of a muscle due to the contraction of some of its fibers and enables you to maintain your posture Answer The muscle becomes shorter because the cells in the muscles have the ability to and the nervous system stimulates it. Answer A smooth muscle is involuntary. Answer A skeletal muscle is voluntary and it is attached to the bones. Answer Your stomach is an involuntary muscle because you don’t control it at your will. Answer An involuntary muscle is a muscle that you can’t control and works automatically. Answer A voluntary muscle is a muscle that you control at your will. Answer Thank-You! Muscles become weak, because muscle fibers are slowly destroyed Answer Your bones remain healthy as you become older and prevents osteoporosis from developing. Builds strong muscles. Answer What are some good reasons to exercise during adolescence? Question They use energy Answer What do muscles use when they contract? Question What are some examples of a smooth muscle? Question What causes muscle cramps? Question How does a muscle cramp feel like? Question Tendinitis is a painful irritation of a tendon. Usually caused by strain or overuse. An example of this is tennis elbow which is pain in forearm. Answer What is tendinitis? Question What is lactic acid? Question What happens when a muscle contracts and why? Question Is your smooth muscle – voluntary or involuntary? Question Your heart is a cardiac muscle. Answer What type of organ is a cardiac muscle? Question What type of muscle is your stomach? Question What is an voluntary muscle? Question By: Mobeena, Wasef, Malaak Our Muscular System Questionnaire What happens to your muscles during muscular dystrophy? Why? Question Exercise, walking, running, dancing, soccer, football, sports and eating right Answer What are some ways to help ensure that your muscles are developing properly? Question What do blood vessels do to help muscles? Question What happens when muscles are active at high intensity? Question What is muscle tone? Question What is a skeletal muscle? Question What is a involuntary muscle? Question
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