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STLS Intro prezi

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Stewart Tindale

on 16 March 2014

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Transcript of STLS Intro prezi

Growing your Competence, your Knowledge and your

Get started in school
The sooner you can get into school the better. You will start getting to know staff and pupils and this will pay off later. Get your DBS check done. Return the headteacher's letter and agreement. Organise your time - when will you write up your evidence and research?
Get yourself ready for e-pofolio
You will need a memory stick!
It will be useful to have a level arch file for storing paper evidence ready for scanning. You can also keep course notes and handouts in there.
Think about what you did, the way you handled things. What went well? Could it have been handled better? Will you do things differently next time?
Gathering Evidence of Competence...
Gathering evidence of knowledge

Write what you know
Use examples
Research school policies
Research online
Your assessor
Adultlearn website
Your mentor
Knowledge guidance notes
Others on the course

What does a TA need to be good at?
What does a TA need to know?

Direct observation by your assessor
Witness testimony
Reflective Account

Forms, guidance notes, links...

To help you to produce a high quality e-portfolio of evidence for the qualification
To enable you to develop the skills you need to work effectively as a TA
To develop skills you will need for further study and employment
Get involved
Work with pupils and the staff - slowly build up relationships by being reliable, using your initiative, being positive and willing to listen and learn.
What are the three main course aims?
Golden Assessment Opportunities
Start to notice the things you do and the things which happen in school. Are any of them good evidence gathering opportunities for you?
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