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Seedlauncher Pitch Deck

No description

Jeromy Sonne

on 30 August 2012

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Transcript of Seedlauncher Pitch Deck

Getting cash to start a business sucks. Seedlauncher.com Kickstarter for Small Business Imagine you want to open a coffee shop. You have several options for financing.
Take out a bank loan (You have no collateral)
Go to an Angel or VC (They don't invest in lifestyle businesses)
Get Grandma to mortgage her house.
Sell organs.
It's clear that current methods of financing have obvious shortfalls for small business owners. In fact according to the SBA the 6th most common reason a small business fails is poor credit arrangements (high interest bank loans) What in the world is crowdfunding? Crowdfunding is a system of financing where people invest any amount of money they want in your business for a portion of an equity offering. No collateral. All on terms you set.
Example: I want to start a coffee shop. I offer 10% of my company for $10,000.
My friend Bob invest $100
My Friend Eric invest $1900
Marc Andreessen invest $8000
The equity breakdown would be Bob=.1% Eric=1.9% Marc Andreessen=8%
These are very simple numbers and what crowdfunding actually looks like is hundreds or thounds of people investing amounts >$50
*Marketing aspect of crowdfunding also notable. Okay, so crowdfunding is cool, but who is Seedlauncher and what do they do that's different from other crowdfunding sites? Focus on local "lifestyle" businesses.
Two tier vetting process.
Revenue sharing over simple ownership.
Heavily leverages both social and local networks.
Extensive back end investor management tools.
Investor points and badges to keep users engaged (and investing frequently) Team has been friends for years; Working together for 1.5 years.
Dan and Avi=Rockstar programmers, freelance web developers, and University of Iowa CS mjaors.
Jeromy=CEO/Janitor/Jack-of-all-trades. University of Iowa Senior. B2B sales experience.
Advisers: Ben Milne CEO, Dwolla.
Josh Cramer: Co-Founder Koala Pay, Cramer IT
Bootstrapped so far.
Open beta now launched.
Full version as soon as the SEC lets us.
Poised to be first movers and only site niched towards local and lifestyle based businesses.
Activley seeking seed level investment.
Contact: jeromy@seedlauncher.com
Twitter @jeromysonne ; @seedlauncher Team and stuff
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