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Learning Logs in Education

No description

Kayleigh McAlister

on 17 November 2015

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Transcript of Learning Logs in Education

My Learning Log:
"Learning logs are a form of journal writing that focuses specifically on what students are learning but also on how they are learning (Commander & Smith, 1996).) (Conley, 2008).
Learning Logs


What Learning Logs Look Like:
The Importance of Learning Logs
Kayleigh M.
Learning Logs

To reflect on how you learn as opposed to what you learn.

They add an additional componet to peer evaluations.
They allow for students to take ownership of their actions.
Students get to propose solutions for their own problems.
They provide documentation.
Relationship building.

Conley, M.W. (2008). Content Area Literacy: Learners in Context (2nd ed.)
Boston, MA: Pearson

Martirano, M., Green, Michael (2015). West Virginia Department of
Eduction: Learning Logs.
-Kid President
Elementary School Example:
Questions to ask
Learning Logs, KWL charts, Bloom's Taxonomy and your 21st century learner in any grade!
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