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Waste And Our World

By: Trevor Konrad Liam

Trevor Hume

on 18 June 2015

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Transcript of Waste And Our World

Reduce Reuse
And Recycle
We can help to save our planet from waste by
. You should do all three but the most important way to save our planet from waste is to
the amount we create!
Leachate also known as toxic soup
is a poisonous substance that affects
our valuable ground water. it is formed
when poisonous substances mix together.
It is very dangerous and you should avoid any contact with it at all.
Animals And How Waste Affects Them
Animals are being affected by the way
we create waste. Some of our bears in Alberta get used to eating human food and wander into places they shouldn't.
Sometimes they have to be kept in captivity and sadly in some cases they are euthanized. When we put plastic bags in the ocean dolphins mistake the bags for their favorite food - jellyfish. They eat the bags and die.
Waste In Our World
Waste is affecting our
world, in many ways.
Here is a prezi to tell you
how dangerous waste is!
Our planet would be much cleaner if we
composted more!
Waste In Our Community
and Province

Food and yard waste make up a quarter of all ordinary garbage we throw away. Canada still sends most of its garbage to landfills. In 2008 Canada produced 13 million tons of garbage and 8.5 million tons went to landfills. In 2013 CBC News reported that Canadians produced more garbage per person than any other country in the world.
Waste In Our World
Depressing eh?
What can we do
to make things
What Can You Do
Reduce excess paper at home!
Reduce food waste
and compost more!
Recycle your bottles and cartons
or reuse them!
Reduce packaging
All garbage is bad when it
is littered. But the worst kind of littered garbage is plastic. It does not decompose (break down). It just stays there for years, and years, and years. You will see more information
about plastic later in this presentation.

You don't want
this in your

A landfill also known as a rubbish dumping ground, is a site for the disposal of waste materials by burial. It is the oldest form of waste treatment Historically, landfills have been the most common method of organized waste disposal.

Half of plastic, cardboard, styrofoam and bubble wrap waste is from packaging. For example, the packaging for a new laptop contains 40% styrofoam and 30% cardboard . The whole package is 70% packaging and only 30% product!

the dharavi slum was founded in 1882
during the british colonial era. the slum grew in part because of an expulsion
of factories and residence peninsular
city center by colonial goverment

The Dangers of Electronic Waste
When you look at a computer or cellphone you don't think it could be dangerous. Think again! What's inside is causing major environmental problems.
You can help our community and province by using more recyclable containers instead of plastic bags. Plastic zip lock bags do not biodegrade and we need to stop using them to help make our environment better.
The great pacific garbage patch
The Great Pacific
The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is a ton of garbage floating in the ocean. From computer monitors to plastic toys, it's got it all! Most of it is submerged underwater. Here's a video to
give you the idea!
thanks for watching
and if you liked this prezi please leave a
Here Is Some Types Of Garbage
Green Tips
Recycle your plastic bags or use Tupperware containers
Compost to reduce waste
Make your own composting bin
Single Use Products
Try not to buy single use products. They are wasteful and cannot be recycled. The companies that are manufacturing these products want you to CONSUME so you buy more and more and MORE! Here are some single use containers and resources.

Don't buy single use products
cause we want the
world to turn out like
this ,not as a dump
How To Sort Your Packaging
Bisphenol A
[BPA] is a substance that is used to harden plastic to make it stronger & more durable against the elements. Human scientists have experimented on lab rats to see the effects of exposure to BPA. They found that the lab rats were not able to reproduce properly. BPA is used in receipt paper [sometimes]. Look out for the glossy receipts and try to avoid touching them!. The plastic companies are polluting you without your permission. Its time to take action! Look out for the BPA free label and only buy BPA Free!
Andy Keller AKA The Plastic Monster
Andy Keller is a person that has decided to show how plastic affects our world. So he went along to his landfill
and covered his body with plastic bags to get peoples
attention. People started to think about how much plastic
they use. Unfortunately the plastic corporations took him to court and tried to sue him.
You can go to his website @
Here s a video to sum everything up
How Can We Take Action
Composting is when you take organic food and yard waste and let it sit and decompose.
In holy spirit school we want to take action!!!!
In holy spirit we would like to put a plastic bin in the lunch room so you can dispose of your waste pro
The Power of One

Each one of us is responsible for our waste. Each one of us can make a difference. If each one of us does just one thing every day to reduce the amount of waste we produce then pretty soon together we will make our school, our community, our province, our country and our world a better place for all the people and the animals in the world!
One tree can start a
One smile can begin a
One candle can wipe out darkness.
One laugh can conquer
One touch can show you
One life can make the

Be That



Recyclable Containers
Our Plan At Holy Spirit
This is what are plan is at Holy Spirit School. we want to
put a recycling bin in the lunch room (gym) for all the plastic that you have in your lunch. The kids are putting way to much plastic in the garbage and we can reduce our waste.
By Konrad Trevor And Liam
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