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Indicators and Effects of Climate Change

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Simin Rezaei

on 5 November 2016

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Transcript of Indicators and Effects of Climate Change

Changes in Polar and Glacier Ice
Rising Sea Level and Ocean Acidity
Causes and Effects
Changing Wind and Precipitation Patterns
Closely connected
Traditional life style changes of Inuit people
Causes and Effects
Affect of high temperature on different substances
Affect the amount of dust in the air
Effects the arctic biome
Impact of Melting Ice
polar bear
Climate and Health
Affect the growth of mould
Affect the release of pollen by many plants
Changes in Ocean PH and Sea levels
The overall shrinking of Earth's ice cover
Heat Distribution
Changes in wind patterns
Increases rate of evaporation
Desertification and Droughts
High Temperature
Spread of deserts because of precipitation change
Increase in crop losses from droughts
Affects the scarcity of fresh water
Storm Intensity and Frequency
Extensive damage of flooding, heavy rains and strong winds to the environment
Strongest storms have become stronger
Changing Biomes
Species are threatened with extinction worldwide
Main fisheries affected
Sea-level rise
Decreasing crop yields
Water conflicts
Increased severity and frequency of tropical storms
Greater disease risk
Affects of Climate Change on All Nations of the World
Natural Phenomena
Human Activities
Shrinking Wetlands
Freshwater ecosystem an important role in regulating climate
Indicators and Effects Of Climate Change
In conclusion global warming results in serious damages to the entire planet
Carbon dioxide increases
Global Warming
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