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Kingdom of Ancient Ghana ♥

Made with JIHAD! By: Danielle Maduka, Gehnet Rose, & Saba Qaiser

Danielle Maduka

on 4 December 2012

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Transcript of Kingdom of Ancient Ghana ♥

BACKGROUND Political Leadership Culture & Customs Decline Kingdom of Ghana King was highest leader Trading & Economics polytheistic Was located 400 miles northwest of modern Ghana's location.
Covered modern day Western Mali and Southern Mauritania.
Controlled over 100,000 square miles of land.
between Senegal and Niger River Location Significant Information also known as the Wagadou Empire 400-1230 CE spoke Soninke capital: Koumbi-Saleh absolute rule(his word was law) head of administrator Ghanian governors appointed to places with rebellion introduction to camels- 100 A.D traveled 1,500 miles just for trade Ghana's army secured passage became known as Gold Coast taxes silent barter system scarcity of salt jealousy and competition sculptures, paintings, textiles griots half circles and ovals moon and stars beads and jewelry converts to Islam integration with Kingdom of Mali drought in 12th century density of population increased around the empire's leading cities, king started to over-tax cut off from international trade Ancient Ghana Art Danielle Maduka
Saba Qaiser
Gehnet Rose were filthy rich! raids from nomadic people THAT'S ALL FOLKS!


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